During missions and others

  • Hey, up there! On the balcony!
  • Earnest, your mother wants you to call her.
  • Can't hear you!
  • Get him off the stage!
  • Check out the chump!
  • Haha! Look, it's Jimmy Jenkins! Hopkins, whatever his name is...
  • Obviously she's afraid of real men like us. Hahaha!
  • Hahaha! You're puny!
  • See? Told you he was a weakling!
  • Where did those jerks go?
  • Hey look at this. Maybe it's a switch or something.
  • Cool! Come on, there's gotta be more. Let's find 'em!
  • I don't get it.
  • There's gotta be a way to do this.
  • Hopkins, what are you doing here?
  • Hahahaha... hhaaaahhhhh!
  • This place sucks. Let's get out of here!
  • Yikes!
  • Help!
  • Mommy! I'm scared!
  • This is not fun anymore!
  • I can't get out!
  • I'm shut in!
  • I feel so lost.
  • Anybody.
  • Oww!
  • That didn't hurt!
  • Ow. I mean... hahaha!
  • Let's go Kirby!
  • Don't be afraid. Just go!
  • I don't like this at all.
  • Why did I go to this stupid Fun House?
  • Hell yeah!
  • Hey man, leave the Bullworth Bull alone!
  • Only Jocks beat the Bull!
  • You still any good mascot?
  • Dance. Now.
  • Nice work mascot boy. NOT!
  • Hahaha! Okay, you're off the hook!
  • Alright guys. Let's hit the showers.
  • You're awful!
  • So you're defy me?! I'll kill you!
  • I am so gonna kick ass in this game. I'm on the top of my game.
  • Heads up Ted!
  • Ted!
  • That is her for sure. I recognize the mole on her back.
  • Oh I guess Mandy isn't just for the team anymore.
  • Someone's gonna pay for this. Later.
  • Hey! I was looking at that you jerk.
  • Yeah. If anyone sees it you get in trouble.
  • Somebody help me!
  • Ah! I'm stuck!
  • I'm getting out of here.
  • Jimmy! Over here!
  • Thanks Jimmy!
  • The gym! How could you do it!?

Suggesting to provide protection

  • I'll watch your back Hopkins.
  • Don't worry. Kirby will keep you safe.

ALLY About to Leave

  • Then I don't want to be seen around you.
  • Fine, I don't like you anyways.

ALLY Help Me

  • Help me, you moron!
  • Help me out. Now.

When passing the ball

  • Interception!

Getting knocked off bike

  • That sucks.

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Ah, that's garbage.
  • What a lame trick.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Well, that's incredibly stupid.
  • You're an idiot, Hopkins.

Stealing a bike

  • Ha! I'm tryin' to steal your bike! Heh!
  • (Taunting voice) Ha ha! Try to stop me!

Has bike stolen from

  • Whatever, loser.
  • Yeah, try use that all you want. You still suck.

Winning a fight

  • Hahaha! Loser!
  • Don't ever try to stop me! Heh heh...

When into him bump when friendly

  • Don't push me!
  • Watch it!
  • Careful, idiot!

When into him bump when hostile

  • Don't push, loser!
  • You think you're tough, idiot?!
  • Get you hands off me!
  • Wimp! Go away!
  • You full crap!
  • You little snake! Watch it!
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) You are nothin' now!

When into him bump some clique

  • (Dropout) Get outta the way!!!
  • (Greaser) Watch it, dumb loser!
  • (Nerd) WANNA DIE?!
  • (Prep) Damn loser.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Come over here and do that again!
  • That was dumb of somebody!
  • You can't steer that thing, loser!

Saying Goodbye

  • You know I hate someone from your class. So get lost.
  • This is stupid. I'm gone.
  • That's it. I'm out of here.

Saying about something at the carnival

  • That was trash.
  • Garbage. Heh heh...

Calling friends for help

  • Hey! Get a load of this!
  • Come and take a look, guys. 


  • Get back here you little coward!!
  • You run like a chick!

When someone hides from him

  • I always knew you were coward!
  • Then why don't you get your ugly friends to fight for you, loser!

Out of breath

  • Gotta hit the gym again...

Wandering around

  • Where am I going right now!?
  • I've got a workout later.
  • Sh-should I just go to the gym? 
  • Maybe I can get Mandy alone later!
  • Miss Phillips sure has nice feet.
  • Why am I always looking at the cheerleader's shoes?


  • Come on. This is so uncool!
  • I'm so tired of this kinda thing going on!

When confused

  • Sure that's... Yeah... What?


  • Yeah! Who's the man? You are.
  • You rock, baby. Yeah!


  • Yeah, but...
  • Cool and..
  • I heard miss Phillips will invite you to her house for private lessons.
  • Don't trust Hopkins, he's really ugly.
  • I heard that Edna is gonna quit if she can't get a vacation.
  • The big gossip is The Preps and The Greasers are gonna try and take each other out.
  • I heard that all of Crabblesnitch's pets end up in Edna's meat locker. 
  • You hear that Lola has been two timin' her blind moron boyfriend.
  • That new kid is crap, and I don't like him anyways.
  • You heard that half of last year's Carnies died from some rare disease.
  • I heard one of The Preps is gonna suicide bomb The Greasers.
  • There's a rumor that someone is going to screw up the game.
  • I know someone sabotaged the game.
  • I think Hopkins was the one who burned down our gym!
  • No way.
  • You kidding.
  • For real!? Woah...
  • Holy frijoles!
  • Man, I hope Ted doesn't make me wide receiver this year.
  • Ted is always looking down on me I can tell.
  • I think the other guys think I'm just Ted lite.
  • Hopkins was a fool. Stay away from him.
  • Whatever dude. Get over it.
  • What do you expect? Life sucks.
  • You call that a problem! Don't waste my time!
  • Yeah, yeah. I can hear the violins wailing already... geez!
  • It's not like the old days. All The Nerds get ahead now.
  • Time was... a guy who was a great in sports was top dog forever. Not now.
  • I hate how The Nerds are always the ones who become famous.
  • Just cause I can play sports doesn't mean anything off campus.
  • Bye.
  • See you.
  • Later.
  • I'm gonna win that football game single-handed this year.
  • The guys really rely on me these days.
  • I'm the youngest student to earn a Varsity Letter in Bullworth history.
  • Every girl in this school wants to go out with me.
  • Yeah? Cool!
  • Yeah-haha! Wicked!
  • Okay, nice!
  • I hate that Hopkins kid.
  • This school sucks! Really sucks!
  • You haven't seen Edna in her underwear, have you?
  • Ever see one of my amazing plays on the football field?
  • Hell yeah!
  • You bet!
  • Not a chance!
  • No dude!

Losing Dodgeball

  • What's wrong with me?
  • I am such a loser!
  • How could I have done that?
  • We were robbed!
  • They stole it from us.
  • This is so messed up.


  • Aww, dude...

Hit by friendly fire

  • You dumb loser! I was tryin' to help you!
  • What are you doing, dumbass?!
  • Right, that's it. Hit me again and I'll kill you!


  • You're going DOWN!
  • Don't get up next time!
  • Come on, girly!
  • I'll bury you alive!
  • Here comes your POUNdcake!!

Losing a fight

  • I'm dyin'!
  • Ohh, I'm gonna tell Ted...
  • Screw my life...
  • I wanna go home... crap...
  • You're in trouble now!
  • When I get up, you're poundcake...

Starting fight with some Cliques

  • (Dropout) Frickin' loser!
  • (Greaser) You crappy loser!
  • (Jock) You aren't half the jock I am. So eat my bloody poundcake! (Rejected Line)
  • (Nerd) Ooh, I've been wanted to do this for a long time.
  • (Prep) Die! Rich kid! DIE!

Starting fight

  • Prepare to get creamed wimp!
  • It's poundcake time!
  • You don't mess with me. Ever!
  • One lump or two?!

Kicked in the nuts

  • Owww. Thank you Sir may I have some more?!?! Ughhh.

When spat on

  • I can't believe you just did that!

Watching a fight

  • Hahaha! You both sucks!
  • You fight like a chick!
  • I hope you both lose!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectile attack

  • Sneak attacks are stupid!
  • Come fight, you coward!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • It's just a joke.


  • Uhmm yeah... okay!
  • Sure. Are we cool?
  • Hey, let's chill!

Food Fight


Watching a freak show

  • They sucks.

Receiving a gift

  • Keep it coming Hopkins, heh heh…
  • I know there'll be more where this came from, Hopkins.

Demanding money

  • I want all the cash you've got in those deep pockets, loser.
  • You there, the biggest loser in the world? Give me your cash.
  • I hate you so you must pay me.

Demanding money for protection

  • What's your offer?
  • Sure I'll back you up. If you make it worth my while.

Demanding flowers

  • Be nice to me, and I'll be nice to you. Know what I mean?
  • If you like me, you'd give me a present!

After receiving flowers

  • Oh, you really mean that?!
  • You better not be messing with my head.

After getting money from his victim

  • Hahaha! You're such a loser!
  • Do you feel so humiliated now, Hopkins? Heh heh...
  • Go cry to the prefects so I can kick their asses too. Heh heh...

Talking about girlfriend

  • We have to meet but if my girlfriend sees us i'm dead...
  • Just bring her here Jimmy. We have to meet each other.

Giving a gift

  • Here ya go.


  • Hey!
  • Hey-ey!
  • How's it going?

Greeting authority

  • Hi...Whatever.
  • Hm. Bitch.

Complimenting Clothes

  • Learning how to dress, huh Hopkins?
  • Hey babe wanna be my personal cheerleader? 
  • Hey, whoa! Killer hat!
  • Hey, nice shoes!
  • Hey, cool shirt!


  • Hey babe, wanna be my personal cheerleader?.. heh heh...


  • K is for clean, I is for irresistible, R is for…
  • Excellent, no new pimples.

Requesting an errand

  • Here's what you gotta do for me.
  • I got something you need to do.
  • Okay Hopkins, I'm gonna give you a chance to impress me.
  • You wanna get on my good side? Help me out.

Being indignant

  • You big jerk!
  • Wanna eat poundcake!
  • You wanna eat my fist?!

While greeting of Jim with fearing

  • Uhmm... hey!

Some insults of enemies

  • You are a stupid little loser!
  • You're an embarrassment to this world!
  • You're ugly, stupid, and useless! Hahahahahaha!


  • Hahahahahaha! So pathetic!
  • Just laughing*


  • is just kissing*


  • You better not tell anyone about this.
  • This never happened. Okay?
  • Don't mean nothing.


  • Hey. If you step real close you can smell my cologne.
  • If you don't tell… we can make out.


  • They're gonna eat poundcake.
  • He's gonna eat poundcake.


  • ...Somebody clean that up!

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • What the hell was that?

While greeting someone in bad terms

  • Hopkins, you are such a loser.
  • Forget it Hopkins. Nobody's interested in you.
  • Don't be friendly with me, Hopkins!

While greeting someone in good terms

  • What's up Hopkins?
  • Hey dude!
  • What's going on?


  • Oh let's get a chill pill dude!
  • Don't worry. You're cool, I'm cool!
  • This is stupid. We all like girls, right?

Aiding a fight

  • Help is on the way!
  • Hang on, here come the big guns!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • Hi!
  • I like it!

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • More and more pathetic!
  • This place is so full of losers that they think they're cool.

While seen vandalism

  • Hey! What are you doing to that?!
  • Stop it, I love that thing!

Saying about fireworks

  • All the stuff is garbage.
  • Fake and gay.

Hit with a stink bomb

  • Oh man, who laid one?!
  • What is that?! Ugh!

Clothes browsing

  • Why am I even here? All these townie clothes…
  • This stuff is such junk.

When suck up

  • Come on. Almost all in the football team.
  • Hey, I bet I could get you cheerleader.
  • Pick a girl. I can hook you up with anyone.

Insulting the tag

  • Dumbass loser!

Conversing with prefect

  • I think I know who the culprit is.
  • There's a bad apple in Bullworth and I can tell you who.

Insulting #1

  • You're nothin' but a pile of dung.
  • (Raising Middle Finger) Sit & spin!
  • You're ugly!
  • You're such a loser!
  • You puny wrench! 
  • Mama's boy!
  • You're really pathetic!

Angry after insulted

  • Are you want to eat my poisonous poundcake?!
  • Do you have a deathwish?!
  • Step right up, BITCH!
  • Keep talkin', n' die!

Ignoring a fight

  • You're pathetic. I don't have time to feed you a poundcake.
  • Whatever, you suck.
  • Pfft. You're a loser, and I don't give a poundcake to a wimp anyways.

Insulting #2

  • (Shoving) Come on, cry. You know you want too.
  • (Shoving) That's right. You really are a loser!
  • (Shoving) You're pathetic! Do you understand?!
  • (Shoving) I don't like you, loser! Scram!
  • (Taunting the new kid) Hey, yet another new loser.
  • (Insulting the clothes) Ha! You dress like an ugly loser!
  • (Insulting the hair) You're really pathetic with that haircut, wimp.
  • (Insulting the tattoo) Why is your ink like that? To show that you're an idiot?!
  • (taunting Jimmy after he's expelled) You were always a loser Hopkins!
  • (another insulting the clothes) A dumb loser like you doesn't deserve that badass lookin' clothes!


  • i just want to play sports thats all!


  • You're just a pathetic loser anyways.
  • I did not hear you. Heh heh...
  • Just shut up!
  • You think you got poundcake for me Hopkins, do you?
  • Go away!!
  • Shut your mouth, loser!
  • Do you really say somethin'?!
  • You are so dead Hopkins!
  • I been wantin' to feed you poundcake for a long time!
  • Come into the kitchen and let's make poundcake!

Getting bullied

  • What did I ever do to you?!
  • Pleaaaaaase, I hate poundcake!

Saying this way

  • Stick with me Hopkins.
  • Come on Hopkins.

When thanks of Jim

  • Thanks Hopkins, you're learning.

After getting swirlie

  • I wanna get out of here!
  • This sucks! So much!
  • What are you lookin' at loser?! You want me to do it to you?!

Getting swirlie

  • I HATE YOU!!
  • The guys are gonna destroy you for this!

Winning in Dodgeball

  • I will tear you apart.
  • Listen, maggot. I will destroy you.
  • You loser. You don't have a chance.

Insulting in bicycle race

  • All of you guys are pathetic.
  • You just a bunch of stupid cowards.
  • Promise not to cry when you lose.

Laughing at a headdress

  • Your friends must be embarrassed that you wear a hat like that, maggot.

When thanking someone

  • Thanks!

Winning an individual fight

  • I win! You loser!
  • Ahh, I'm enjoyin' feeding you a poundcake and you like it, haha!
  • Squirm, maggot! Heh heh! Squirm!

Physically bullied

  • I can't believe you did that to me, loser!
  • Bla bla bla. Like I care.

When winning Dodgeball with his team

  • Ha! Like there have any doubt.
  • That's right! Eat our dirt!
  • Hahahahaha! Nice try, fools!

Physically bullying of someone

  • Hahahahahaha! You deserve it because you're a loser!
  • Haha! Try harder, loser! See if you can escape!
  • Come on, cry! Hahaha! Cry!!!
  • Heh heh, you really are a biggest loser in the world.

Saying wrong way

  • Hey dirt brain, wrong way.
  • Stupid, you're going the wrong way.

When whining

  • As usual, this kind of crap always happens.


  • Hey! What's that?

When TV turned off

  • If one more loser switches that off...

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