"I transpose everyone else's problems onto myself! And it's like a cancer, it's eating me alive!"
— Lance Jackson

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Lance Jackson is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Lance Jackson
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Male
Family Bo Jackson - Brother UNKNWN
Gloria Jackson - Sister UNKNWN
Kissable No
Voice Actor Dylan Schneider

Character Summary

Lance is a black student, and is the same height as Jimmy. He has black hair in a flat top style, and dark brown eyes. Usually, he wears a dark teal school sweater over a white shirt and gray slacks. In the winter, he wears a thicker school sweater, and a dark teal knit cap.

He has a generally nice personality, and dislikes the bullying that occurs at Bullworth. Lance believes the fighting is due to the students wanting to be 'macho' and trying to be cool and to fit in. He also enjoys reading and science fiction, and is outgoing and slightly athletic.

On occasion, Lance can be conceited. He believes that his disinterest in being 'cool' makes him better than other people.

He is often thought to be related to Bo Jackson, and possibly Gloria Jackson, as the three of them share a skin color and surname.


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