"Get used to it, kid. You're a man. It's all downhill from here, my friend."
— Edna

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Last Minute Shopping is a storyline mission in Chapter 2 of Bully.

Last Minute Shopping
Last minute shopping
Edna in the kitchen.
Location: Cafeteria

Reward: $15
Unlocks: Movie Tickets
Prep Challenge
Lawn Mowing
Paper Route

Mission Summary

Jimmy Hopkins, having been ordered by Dr. Crabblesnitch to go see her, finds Edna in the cafeteria cooking and coughing into the food. She is smoking, and sneezing into the food as well. Jimmy greets her, commenting on her actions, and she tells him to shut up as it adds flavor. The two get along well, she offers to let him sneeze into the food, and coaches him on how to do so. Laughing, Jimmy replies that he has performance anxiety. Laughing, Edna tells him that he must get used to it now as he is a man, and then adds that 'it's all downhill from here'.

She asks Jimmy what he wants, and he replies that Crabblesnitch has sent him. After a moment of consideration, Edna remembers what she needed Jimmy for. She instructs him to get her meat from the Yum Yum Market, otherwise she will have to 'put one of Ms. Philips' cats in the casserole again'. She then adds that she needs a razor for her mustache, and new knickers from Worn In, as she has had her current ones on since last term. She allows Jimmy to use her bike, and sends him off. Jimmy leaves, slightly disgusted of how gross she is.

All of the items can be found in Bullworth Town. The meat is on the counter of the Bullworth Town Yum Yum Market, the razor is at the Happy Mullet barber shop, and the bag of laundry is in the fitting room of the Worn In.

After Jimmy has collected all three items, he takes the bus back to Bullworth Academy and gives the items to Edna in the cafeteria. He warns her to use the meat soon, as Mr. Oh told him that it would expire at midnight, but Edna tells him that there are 'no fussy eaters at Bullworth', and that the meat will last for a month.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 15 Last minute shopping04:34

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 15 Last minute shopping

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