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Lee Roy Nottle

"I used to be the most popular person in school, Honestly!"
— Lee Roy

Lee Roy Nottle is a fanfiction character by Mr.Luntz and is the protagonist of Lee Nottle at Bullworth Academy. He is a member of the Preppies at Bullworth Academy.


Lee is 6ft tall and has blond hair that is unusually shaggy for a preppy. He never talks about or mentions the clothing that he wears suggesting that he neither likes nor dislikes it. He usually wears an Aquaberry Sweater vest or an ordinary Aquaberry Sweater with rolled up sleeves. His boxing outfit is black with green trim. During the winter he wears an Aquaberry sweater and a blue and yellow striped scarf.


Lee was born in a small town in Cornwall called Bodmin on 1st December 1991 and is 15 when he arrives in Bullworth. Lee's father owns a successful oil business and the family is always moving because of this. Before Bullworth Academy, Lee attended Polwhele House, a private school in the city of Truro, England. Before this he lived in Shanghai and London. Not much is known about Lee's mother. It is presumed that she stays at home and looks after the house, Lee however, is very protective over her.


Lee is originally from a city called Truro in England, this is why he has a very strong English accent. Due to business, his family decided to move to New England and own one of the largest houses in Old Bullworth Vale . Lee often says that he prefers life at Bullworth, although he says that he was the most popular of the boys at his previous school.

Unlike all the other preppies, Lee is not arrogant and very rarely talks about his wealth. Lee does not often partake in sports however he often says that he enjoys playing games of Snooker. He says that his best friend is Chad Morris.


Chad Morris: Chad Morris is Lee's best friend. Although they are best friends, it is not often that they hang out together and often bitch about each other. But despite this, Lee insists that he can trust Chad and says that he knows that one day they will start their own oil business together.

Malcolm Evans: Malcolm is one of Lee's closest friends. This is probably because Malcolm was Lee's first friend at Bullworth and gave him a tour around Bullworth Academy.

Brooklyn Kallicko: Brooklyn is another one of Lee's closest friends. They met on Lee's first day at Bullworth. They have continued to be good friends due their parents being very good friends. Brooklyn often visits Lee's house with his parents and vice versa.

Ivan Alexander: Ivan is Lee's only friend outside of his clique. It is thought that he is really good friends with Ivan for family reasons.

Damon West: Lee hates Damon West and often talks about his plans to kill him. It is still unknown why but it is probably because Lee doesn't like the jocks.

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