"I wonder if they're buying my tough guy act."
— Lefty Mancini

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Lefty Mancini is a member of the Greasers clique in Bully.

Lefty Mancini
Clique Greasers
Gender Male
Rival Preppies
Kissable No
Voice Actor Louie Torrellas

Character Summary

Lefty is a short greaser and is tied with Vance for being the smallest clique member. He has black hair that is slicked back, blue eyes and has a scar on his left cheek--much like Chad Morris. Lefty wears a jean jacket over his school vest, brown slacks, and brown boots. In the winter, he buttons his jacket up and wears a dark yellow scarf. He was possibly modeled off of The Outsiders character Johnny Cade.

Lefty speaks with an odd accent that is best described as Brooklyn with some Chicago. He complains about being the first Italian at Bullworth.

He grew up in New Coventry and was friends with Luis Luna when they were children. He often speaks of smoking and cigarettes, as well as being on nicotine withdrawal, indicating a rather strong nicotine addiction. Lefty worries of his reputation, and puts on a "tough guy" act as he puts it. He considers Delilah and Jezebel, the Siamese twins, attractive. Additionally, he thinks Ms. Danvers is attracted to him. He talks about girls often, even claiming that nobody cares about the football games, but instead go to check out the cheerleaders.


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  • His surname, Mancini, is a diminutive of the surname 'Manco', which means left-handed. This may be a nod to his first name, Lefty.