During missions and other

  • *snoring*
  • Oh baby... come over here...
  • *snoring*
  • Whoa! What... who's that?
  • What are you doing here?

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Alright. Got nothin' better to do.
  • I guess I'm with you, then.

ALLY About to leave

  • This is getting real old.
  • I've had it.

ALLY Help me

  • Jimmy, man, help me out.
  • Dude, I'm being ganked

Getting knocked off bike

  • Oh, man! Damn it!
  • Aw, come on!

Comments on successful bike trick

  • Let's see you try that again, huh?
  • Lucky break!

Comments on a failed attempt at trick

  • Hey, I love seeing their faces when they fall, man.
  • Ha ha ha, man, that was genius!

Stealing a bike

  • Hey, nice bike, I'll take it!
  • Hi, I'd like to upgrade to your bike!

Has bike stolen from

  • Crap, it took me forever to break the lock on that bike!
  • I just stole that bike!
  • Yo, this school is getting too dangerous.
  • Why don't they have self-destruct on those things?

Winning a fight #1

  • Yeah, who's your daddy?
  • Bow down before your new leader!

When into him bump when friendly

  • Hey, sorry, man.
  • Not my fault.
  • Oh, sorry.

When into him bump when hostile

  • Hey, watch it!
  • Okay, don't do that again!
  • Eyes on the road, dork!
  • Take a detour, jerk!
  • You wanna get your ass kicked?
  • You blind as well as uncool?
  • Move it!
  • You are so pathetic!
  • Excuse me?!

When into him bump other clique

  • (Dropout) Get out of here, loser, before I kill you!
  • (Nerd) I'm gonna kick your ass, dork!
  • (Prep) You drive your sports car like that?

Get hit by a bike/car

  • Put your training wheels back on, man!
  • You ever heard of the word 'steering'?
  • Are you homicidal or something?

Saying goodbye

  • I gotta go read the new issue of Sizzle. See ya!
  • Gotta go. Got some girls to harass.
  • I'm gonna jet. Got a date, y'know?

Saying about rides at carnival

  • That'd be an awesome ride to take a date on.
  • That was overpriced for what it was.

Calling friends for help

  • Check it out! They're coming!
  • A little help here!
  • Assistance please!


  • You better not slow down!
  • I'm gonna catch ya!

When someone hides from him

  • Yo, whatever Jimmy, just run off!
  • I'll get you eventually, Hopkins. Just you wait!

Out of breath

  • Oh, sure... keep running...

When wandering around

  • Why did Bullworth have to pick me to be it's first Italian?
  • How come no one else has a vowel at the end of their name here?
  • Someday I'm gonna really give it to those rich scum bags.
  • There's just too many hot girls and not enough time.
  • I wonder if they're buying my tough guy act?
  • Gotta get me another pack of smokes and a hot dog.


  • It's just the usual crap around here. Just stupid.
  • Couldn't we do something about it?
  • You know, it's such crap, you know?

When confused

  • This is messing with my head.


  • Now we're talking.
  • That's sweet.


  • Hey, listen...
  • Oh, and get this...
  • You know, Luis and I grew up together, and that the jocks just like him 'cause he can kick all their asses. And I think Ted's kind of a wimp.
  • Hey, that prefect Max is so stuck up, I bet he has a yardstick up his dumper.
  • Did you know Miss Danvers used to dress up as a rabbit and pose in magazines?
  • Lola told me she was gonna become a nun when she graduated!
  • I saw Cornelius hold hands with another dude. Seriously!
  • This year we're gonna take the preps out good! It's for sure!
  • I heard Dr. Slawter really hates Derby Harrington! Me too.
  • The rumble with the preps is on! Okay? Just you wait!
  • The jocks really think people care about their stupid game when all they wanna do is check out the cheerleaders.
  • Jimmy's a good friend of mine, okay? We go way back, y'know?
  • I heard the townies are so inbred they need to eat our livers to survive.
  • That's a load of garbage!
  • You kidding me?
  • Crazy!
  • C'mon!
  • If I don't get outta here soon, someone's gonna get hurt!
  • Sometimes I wonder what I did for my parents to send me here.
  • I wish stealing bikes was easy!
  • It just sucks that smoking's bad for you!
  • I know, life's short, then you die.
  • Hey, what can you do? I know, it sucks.
  • Yeah, that's another thing that sucks.
  • Yeah, that's clown time, alright.
  • I didn't get any last night again!
  • Next to Bullworth, I hate preppies best.
  • This school crest is so crap!
  • Food around here smells like doo-doo!
  • Later, dude. See you after the bomb drops.
  • Hey, gotta go. Later.
  • See ya!
  • Hey, Miss Danvers knows she wants me. I've got the best tan in all of Bullworth.
  • I'm gonna go out tonight, y'know, ride my bike and get some.
  • Girls around here are pretty stuck up until I show them what's what.
  • Totally, man.
  • You know it, man.
  • Ain't it the truth?
  • Excellent.
  • Ever see what Mr. Galloway keeps in his desk?
  • Get any action at the carnival last year?
  • Ever sneak into a girls' locker room?
  • Hey, ever stand up a date to work on your bike?
  • No way. I'd rather eat cafeteria food all day.
  • Yeah, and it's totally crazy.
  • Yo, that's not my scene, man.
  • Yeah, and I'd do it again any time.

Losing Dodgeball

  • I really hate losing!
  • I guess you won... damn!
  • Aw, man, that sucks!
  • What's with you losers, anyway?!
  • You guys better run when we get outta here!
  • You didn't do yourselves any favors by winning!


  • Damn, that's sick!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Just lay off, okay, dude?
  • What's with the random aggro?
  • Don't hit me, jerk!


  • Open wide!
  • Let me get a closer look at that!
  • Hey, come closer!
  • Let me clean that spot on your face!
  • Come here, let me tell you something!
  • Say hi to Mr. Pavement

When knocked out

  • *coughing* Gotta quit smoking... ugh...
  • This sucks my ass, man...
  • Oh, I need a smoke, ugh...
  • Gotta switch to filters...
  • Ugh, I hope no girls saw that...
  • Ugh, what a stupid fight...

Starting fight with some cliques

  • (Dropout) You never went to school 'cause you're stupid!
  • (Jock) Mandy says you suck!
  • (Nerd) Ha ha, you're out of your league, nerd!
  • (Prep) Expense this!

Starting fight

  • And I thought this was gonna be a boring day!
  • Come here, I gotta tell you something!
  • Hey, say hi to Mr. Pavement!
  • You're in trouble! I'm in nicotine withdrawal!

Kicked in the nuts

  • My girlfriend's gonna kill you... ugh...

When spat on

  • Man, that's just sick!

Watching a fight

  • Drop him! Yeah, drop him!
  • Give it to him!
  • Come on! Pick it up!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectiles

  • Who's that?
  • Who's the genius?!

When the fire alarm goes of

  • Wasn't me!


  • Hey, cut me some slack, dude!
  • Yo, come on, man!
  • Let's not argue!

Food fight

  • Yeah! Food fight!

Watching a freak show

  • Some of these freaks are kind of hot. Like those twins.

Receiving a gift

  • Hey, this is cool of you.
  • Cool! Excellent, man.
  • Yo, alright.

Demanding money

  • Pay up, Hopkins.
  • Time for the friendship fee, Hopkins.
  • Protection money or a beating. Your choice.

Demanding money for protection

  • Sure, I'll help you out. But you gotta make it worth it.
  • What do you got for me, huh?

After getting money from his victim

  • Good choice. You're a wise man, Hopkins.
  • That's right, Hopkins, pay up.

Giving a gift

  • Just take it, alright?

Making a deal

  • Hey, Jimmy, want this?
  • Hey, I got something you probably want.


  • Hey!
  • What's up?
  • How's it going?

Greeting authority

  • Hello, ma'am!
  • Hello, sir!

Complimenting clothes

  • Whoa, stylin'!
  • New hair color looks good!
  • Nice footwear, dude!
  • Got some killer ink, I see!


  • Hello!


  • Awesome hair, dude! Just... awesome!
  • How could any chick say no to that?

Requesting an errand

  • It's kind of hard to explain, but I'll try.
  • Alright, I don't wanna repeat myself, so listen up.
  • Jimmy, my man, I need your help.
  • Dude, can you do something for me?

Being indignant

  • What the?! You got a death wish?!
  • Somebody likes emo too much!
  • That's way stupid!

While greeting of Jim with fearing

  • Hi Jimmy. Please... don't hurt me!

Some insults of enemies

  • What's with the nervous sweat?
  • Everyone's laughing at you!


  • Ha ha ha, what a joke!
  • Ha ha ha, that's funny, dude!


  • Someone should lay the beats on that stupid bastard.

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Where'd that come from?!

While greeting someone in bad terms

  • You're an idiot, Jimmy! Shut up!
  • I'm not your friend, Jimmy!
  • Don't talk to me, dork.

While greeting someone in good terms

  • 'sup, Jimmy!
  • Hey, Jimmy!

While leaving someone in good terms

  • Cool, Jimmy. See you later, okay?
  • Let's do business some other time.


  • Will you let me go if I say please? Please!
  • You don't need to beat me up, y'know?
  • Come on, just let me go!

Aiding a fight

  • Hey, get off of him!
  • Hey, you, dink! Lay off!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • That's real cool, dude. Like, for real.
  • I like that. Wow.

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • Oh yeah, lame.
  • Hm, whatever.

Seeing vandalism

  • Whoa, look at this! What balls!
  • Who could ever call this art?

Saying about fireworks

  • Whoa, where'd he get that?
  • Cool! I want one too, man!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • Ugh, oh... what a...*coughing*  freak...!

Clothes browsing

  • Sucks, suck, sucks some more. Still sucks.
  • You couldn't torture me enough to buy this junk.

Sucking up

  • Johnny says that you're really cool, you know that?
  • I could totally be your friend, if you want.
  • Dude, I'm so on your side, man!

Insulting the tag

  • You call that quality? That just sucks! You need lessons.

Conversing with prefect

  • I'm telling you, it was a complete violation of the rules!
  • Listen, it was totally and way over the line.

Insulting #1

  • You're an acne colony!
  • Go fart in your jockstrap!
  • You ever hear of deodorant?
  • What, another day without getting any?
  • You're just another victim!
  • How come you don't have any friends?
  • Why are your fingers so sticky?

Angry after insulted

  • What? I missed that.
  • You wanna say that to my face?
  • Think I don't know where you live, kid?
  • You want me to kick your ass?

Ignoring a fight

  • That's cool.
  • Okay, okay, you're alright, okay?
  • Can't take a joke, huh?
  • Ha, I had you there for a minute.

Insulting #2

  • Hey, jerky.
  • Nice one, dork.
  • Dork face!
  • You little twerp.
  • You better get outta here before you get hurt.
  • Looking forward to carving you a new one, kid.
  • You dress like a clown!
  • Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
  • You think you're cool with those clothes, but you're just not.


  • Aw, come on, no...


  • Uh huh. That's nice, dear, very nice.
  • Yeah, and? Like I care.
  • That's what your mom said about you last night.
  • Your mom wasn't saying that last night!
  • Yeah? Well, tell your mom to clean the sheets next time.
  • Come back after a nice shower, okay?
  • You're just empty talk.
  • Oh look, Hopkins is getting all uppity.

Getting bullied

  • Come on, I'm cool.
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Man, that's so mean!

Saying this way

  • Jimmy, follow me!
  • I'll show you, Jimmy, come along.

When thanks of Jim

  • Hey, cool, Hopkins. Thanks.

After getting swirlie

  • Aw, my pomades all clumped up!
  • Ew, I've got grease in my eye!
  • That totally ruined my hair, jerk!

Getting swirlie

  • Get off of me, you sicko!
  • You are sick!
  • Come on, man, you're gonna ruin my hair!

Winning in Dodgeball  

  • Why are you even trying?
  • I'm gonna rule you!
  • I'm the best and you suck!

Insulting in bicycle race

  • I've never seen more dorks together!
  • Look, misery loves company.
  • I see all the losers are already together.

Laughing at a headdress

  • The hat, dude? 100% dorky.

When thanks of someone

  • Yeah, thanks.
  • Cool, thanks.

Winning an individual fight

  • I'm the king, baby.
  • You're nothing!
  • Ha! It was too easy, man!

Physically bullied

  • You just don't quit, do you?
  • You better make sure I'm dead when you're finished!

When winning Dodgeball with his team

  • In your face, losers!
  • Did anyone ever doubt we'd win?
  • We kick ass! Yeah!

Physically bullying of someone

  • Can't take it, huh? Well, you better learn.
  • Not so nice now, is it?
  • Feel good now, dink?

Saying wrong way

  • Why are you going that way, idiot?
  • Don't be a moron, okay? That's the wrong way.

When whining

  • Aw, it's such a load of crap, and it pisses me off.


  • That's weird.

When TV turned off

  • Hey, joker, turn that back on!

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