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Leon is a member of the Townies in Bully.

Clique Townies
Gender Male
Rival Bullworth Academy Alumni
Kissable No
Missions Preppies Vandalized
Galloway Away
Townie Challenge
The Collector
Voice Actor Lance Williams

Character Summary

Leon is the only black member of the Townies. He has unstyled, close cut hair, and wears an orange jacket over a pale blue T-shirt, brown pants, and dark brown shoes the entire year.

Leon is a slacker. He loves to sit around at home watching television, and detests knowing that one day he will have to get a job. He takes pleasure in the fact that being a juvenile means he mostly gets away with petty crimes.

It is unknown whether or not Leon actually attended Bullworth Academy, but he is familiar with the staff, and apparently has a grudge against Mrs. Carvin, the Librarian.

Leon is seen in the Happy Volts Asylum as a patient, attempting to escape his cell.


Main article: Leon/Quotes


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