Knocked out

  • Ooh well... that (groan) suck.
  • O-Okay I was a....morning.
  • Ah I should a watch TV Instead.
  • Can't feel face.
  • Wish there a universal health care.
  • That's wasn't suppose to happen.

All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Hahaha! Better hope you don't get rabies.
  • Hehehe! All the little nerds running around, screaming like girls.
  • Hurry up... can't be late for the party at the docks.
  • We gotta remember to put a few airholes in the crate.
  • Man, I hope one of them bites the librarian.She's such a cow.
  • I heard rats actually like to eat books. Man, wouldn't that be awesome?
  • Alright, come on. They're burning those trophies down at the docks.

Suggesting to provide protection

  • I'll try to help. I'm bored with my all friends anyway.
  • I guess it'll break the monotony.
  • Alright. It's something to do, I guess.

ALLY About to Leave

  • This is boring, dude. BO-RING!
  • This is getting pointless.

ALLY Help Me

  • Hey man! Gimme a hand!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Okay. That hurt.
  • I think I spoke with my shame!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • That's an accident waiting to happen.
  • Whatever you do, don't mess up.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • The nurse must love you.
  • Time to call the nurse again.

Stealing a bike

  • I need your bike!
  • Gimme that!

Has bike stolen from

  • I can't wait to drive an SUV instead.
  • I wish they had ejector seats on the bikes.

Winning a fight

  • Why are we doing this? Ah, screw it.
  • I guess this is fun.

When into him bump friend

  • Whoa!
  • Look out, dude.
  • Hey!

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • Didn't realize this was a school for the blind.
  • Get a seeing-eye dog!
  • If you pickpocket me I'll kill you!
  • You need a blind guy(s?) stick!
  • This isn't bumper cars, dink.
  • Hey! Don't touch the merchandise!
  • You blind?

When into him bump Greaser (or Jim in their clothes)

  • Yuck! Tell your hair to stop dripping!

When into him bump Jock

  • Did I just hit a wall or something? Jerk.

When into him bump Nerd

  • You nerds can't even walk straight, can you?

When into him bump Prep

  • Hey! You dropped your million dollar bill, poser!

Getting hit with bike/car

  • You point the wheels forward, DINK!
  • Not cool!
  • Was that on purpose?!

Saying Goodbye

  • I gotta go help my mom. See you.
  • I gotta go watch TV. Later.
  • I'm gonna be bored someone else. Bye.

Saying about rides

  • That was sort of the exciting.
  • ................(01:39)

Calling friends for help

  • Hey boys! Over here!
  • Give me some help!

When chasing someone

  • Get BACK here!
  • Keep running, fool!

When someone hide from him

  • I'll get you later! Don't worry!
  • I bet you think you real smart, don't you?

Out of breath

  • ...You're in...better shape than I thought...

Walking around talking to himself

  • I've got to get my life in order.
  • Man, I can't believe I'm gonna have to work some day.
  • Why I can't get paid to watch TV?
  • I hope someone does something cool today.
  • Thank God I'm still a juvenile.
  • Good thing that there are no consequences for my actions.


  • Man, I do not wanna have to put up with this store to be ask.
  • It figure's something like that would happen in it dump town like this.

When confused

  • Man, what's going on now?


  • Excellent!
  • Whoa. Nice!

During a conversation

  • Not did it really matters.
  • I'm so bored.
  • ........(02:25)
  • You know you can actually go to prison if you're a minor.
  • I don't think it's criminal if you're just doing it for fun.
  • They so had a calming. They were totally asking for it. It's not our fault at all.
  • They're totally trying to provoke us. No doubt about it.
  • Women like men who aren't afraid to have fun. Trust me on this one.
  • I hear that some kid at the school who thinks he's very tough. Named Jimmy.
  • I heard something's going down at the school. Things are going to get shaken up.

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