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The Library is, as its name implies, the library of Bullworth Academy in Bully.


The Library's exterior.

Location Summary

The Library is located to the east of the main building, near the Boys' Dorm. Its building was apparently funded by Bif Taylor's father. It is the main hangout of the Nerds and is considered by them to be a safe place from the Bullies. The library is patrolled regularly by Mrs. Carvin, and by Prefects after 7 PM. After curfew, a teacher spawns there, as well.

To the right of the library is the entry to the Observatory, and a secret shortcut to Harrington House.

The library itself consists of two floors. On the first floor, there are various tables for students to sit and read at, or sit and study at. In one corner is a globe that contains various facts from around the world. The second floor contains only bookshelves.
The Library

Jimmy getting rid of the rats in the library.

In Chapter 5, the Townies release twenty rats into the library in the mission Rats in the Library. In Complete Mayhem, Ted Thompson, Damon West, and Bo Jackson vandalize the library.


The globe found in the library contains various facts from around the world.

Main article: Library/Globe Facts


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