"My dad's a corrupt man, I will not rest until he is fired"
— Samantha
Life as a slave to a teacher


Westside JDM




Samantha Silacci
Mr. Silacci
Marissa Belmonte
Madison Reece



Life as a slave to a teacher is a fanfiction being written by Westside JDM. It is the spiritual successor to My life as a slave to my dad.


Samantha is a girl who wants to do good in school, but her father prevents her from doing so, The beginning of her Sophomore year is coming fast, and her dad failed her last year for her unpopularity among the crowd, will Samantha take her father down, or will she fail Government class again?


The Slave

Samantha Murphy

Name: Samantha Silacci

Age: 15

Grade: Sophomore

Samantha lives a generally unhappy life with her three sisters, and a dad who shows favoritism to her more popular sisters. She has no intention to do anything to her sisters, it's her dad she plans to take down.

The Best Friend

Marissa Belmonte- Minor Differance

Name: Marissa Belmonte

Age: 15

Grade: Sophomore

Marissa is Samantha's best friend and partner in crime, She takes Mr. Silacci's class with Samantha; but is doing what she can to discourage Sam from going against her father.

The Second Best Friend

Name: Madison Reece

Madison Reece

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore

Madison is Samantha's other best friend, She hates Mr. Silacci with a passion and hopes Sam can take down her own father.

The Teacher

Name: Albert Silacci

Age: 47

Both Sam's dad and her government teacher, he shows favoritism to all the popular students, and chooses to pass them over the students who actually make an effort to pass the class.

The clique

Clique name: The Guerrillas

A clique that has a movement that involves pranking Mr. Silacci. Sam wants in, and thinks of becoming a guerrilla. The thing is, she has to prove she's into their interests.


Prologue Intro
Chapter One Description of me
Chapter Two Interests and Friends
Chapter Three Vacation in Italy
Chapter Four Other classes I take
Chapter Five An old enemy returns
Chapter Six I had plans, but this happened
Chapter Seven Some good news for me
Chapter Eight Arrival in Italy
Chapter Nine The next day
Chapter Ten A hasty return to America
Chapter Eleven Prank day
Chapter Twelve Guerrilla Warfare
Chapter Thirteen First job
Chapter Fourteen Finally, some action
Chapter Fifteen One step to victory
Chapter Sixteen Victory
BONUS The day I came home

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