This page is a list of fanfictions, poems, and short stories written by Westside JDM

First Generation Continuity

Westside JDM's first stories ever written, utilizing his first generation of Original Characters

  • Transferred to Bullworth - Westside's first fanfiction story. Was never finished, due to the protagonist being a "Marty-Stu" and lack of reality. Eventually adopted by TheToughGuy
  • My life as a slave to my dad - Westside's second story, featuring Jordan Balesterri as the protagonist, who intended to get her father fired
  • Life as Bullworth's finest girl - Westside's third story, featuring Audrey San Lorenzo as the protagonist, She usually complained about her many burdens in life, such as a cousin, and a girl two grades below her picking fights with her
  • Beauty is a blonde's best friend - Westside's fourth story, featuring Machaley Edgemon, who had intentions to become Bullworth's finest girl. Was never finished.
  • Bullworth's First Russian - Westside's fifth story, featuring Sophia Pashkov as the protagonist. Was never finished.

Second Generation Continuity

Westside's second generation of stories, and first short stories

  • Ginji Moved to Bullworth - Westside's sixth fanfiction story, featuring himself as the protagonist, and utilizing both older characters, newer characters, and having some other OCs of other creators featured in the story.
  • Sisterhood Wars - A story that was supposed to feature Audrilynn Ucelli as the main protagonist, but was cancelled, due to not only it being major plagiarism, but because the OC evolved into something better.
  • The San Lorenzo girls - A cancelled story featuring Audrey San Lorenzo, and two cousins of hers. It was cancelled due to the adoption of one of the cousins, and the other evolving into another character
  • The Marra Twins - The debut of Jasmine and Natalie Marra in Westside's fanfiction
  • Bullworth's finest girl - The first poem Westside JDM ever wrote on the Bully Fanon Wiki.
  • Homesick - Paige San Lorenzo's debut in Westside JDM's fanfiction.
  • Christmas with the San Lorenzoes - The second poem JDM wrote on this wiki, featuring an OC that was adopted by another user, Paige San Lorenzo, and Audrey San Lorenzo.
  • The Depressed Brunette - A poem about Jordan Balesterri's life.

Third Generation Continuity

Westside's third generation of fanfictions, short stories, and roleplays.

  • Life as a slave to a teacher - JDM's seventh fanfiction story, Featuring a plot similar to My life as a slave to my dad, and an entirely new protagonist, named Samantha Silacci.
  • The Mercenaries - A paused fanfiction and Westside's eighth fanfiction story, currently undergoing revamp. It is based off of JDM's favorite video game series, Mercenaries.
  • Dinner with the Belmontes - The debut story of the Belmonte family, it is a story of Marissa and Clarissa sitting down to have dinner with their father.
  • Home at last - The debut story of Talia Von Webber and Mallorie Von Webber. It is them returning to Germany for the winter, and Talia finally gets her parents to believe in Mallorie's wrongdoings.
  • When it's party time, like 1999 - The first private roleplay JDM participated in, featuring quite a few of his OCs
  • The trip to nowhere - The second private roleplay JDM participated in, featuring The San Lorenzoes and their cousin, Autumn Kohler going on a field trip to Liberty City.
  • Unrequited love - Taylor Silacci and David Falkenberg make their debut in Westside's fanfiction
  • The big prank - Jordan Balesterri pulls a prank on her own dad, with the aide of one of the most recognized OCs on the Bully Fanon Wiki.

Fourth Generation Continuity

Westside's fourth continuity, featuring OC debuts, Short Stories, and Roleplays

Fifth Generation Continuity

Sixth Generation Continuity

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