"Nothing can take my will away, I'll fight to the end if required." -Liza Hernandez. She is a member, and second-in-command of the Grunge Kids.


Liza is iron-willed and very mentally strong. She is Gregory's girlfriend and has offered him her love and care. She has aspiring loyalty and will stand unabated against anyone that acts against her comrades. She is no bullshit, and to the point. Though her stubbornness can often times lead her to situations where it could lead to being an issue.


Liza is 5'10", and weighs 120 pounds. She is rather slim, but is much more physically powerful than she appears. She has light brown hair that she often wears in a ponytail. She ignores the rules proposed by the school dress code and wears blue jeans with a torn, blue flannel. She has almost olive, tan skin and has very soft, almost unblemished skin.


Liza grew up in Los Santos before protective services relocated her to Bullworth Academy. Her dad committed suicide when she was two, and her mother had a prevalent drug issue that inhibited her form providing care for Liza. Soon after she arrived at Bullworth Liza began pursuing a relationship with Gregory Todd.

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