"All right Jimmy, you won... of course, my bike wasn't tuned right. I'm gonna head to the shop and do some work on it."
— Johnny Vincent

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Lola's Race is a storyline mission in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Lola's Race
Lolas race
Lola egging Johnny and Jimmy on to race.
Location: New Coventry
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Faction: Greasers -20
Reward: Lola now likes Jimmy
Lola's picture room trophy
Unlocks: The Tenements

Mission Summary

Lola Lombardi and Johnny Vincent are in the street in front of Lola's house in New Coventry. Lola is pressing herself up to Johnny and acting in a sexual manner, and though Johnny isn't having it, he's still conflicted about it.

She assures Johnny that she loves him, angering him and causing him to push her away while saying that she doesn't. Lola counters that love is complicated, and Johnny replies that it didn't seem complicated when Lola was with Gord, and overcome with anger, claims that he is going to kill Gord. Lola rushes over to him, telling him that though Gord is sweet their relationship was innocent, but Johnny once again pushes her away from him and tells her to get off.

Taking this to her advantage, Lola tells Johnny that she loves it when he is angry, claiming that it is 'bestial'. Suddenly, Jimmy walks by, catching Lola's attention. She greets him, angering Johnny, who demands to know what Jimmy is doing there. Jimmy replies that he is looking for Johnny, to which Johnny questions why Jimmy is looking for him at Lola's house.

Lola interrupts, telling them to be nice to each other, and then goes on to tell them that what she likes about them is that they are both 'straightforward', 'quick to judge', and 'fast'. Johnny, feeling threatened, tells Lola that there isn't anyone as fast as he is. Interested in this, Lola asks if Johnny can beat Jimmy in a race, and eggs him on, telling him that she heard Jimmy is pretty fast. Johnny does not believe that Jimmy could beat him, so Lola takes this as acceptance of the challenge.

Jimmy races against Johnny, Ricky Pucino, and Lucky De Luca. The three greasers do not punch at each other, but all three of them try and punch Jimmy. The race's course follows through New Coventry to the train tracks over Blue Skies Industrial Park, where the racers have to dodge moving train cars. After, it leads into Bullworth Academy, and then into the dirt road in the south of Bullworth Town. In the dirt road, several greasers await to push down trees as Jimmy bikes by, and then chase after him with wooden planks. The race finally ends where it started.

After Jimmy wins, Johnny stands with Ricky and Lucky and tells Jimmy that he only won because Johnny's bike wasn't tuned correctly. He says he is heading to the Auto Shop to fix it, to Lola's irritation. She tells Johnny and the boys that she'll see them later, and as they walk away, she kisses Jimmy.

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 40 Lola's Race04:59

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 40 Lola's Race

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