"It's been a week... so I'm beginning to get a little worried."
— Lola Lombardi

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Lola Lombardi is a member of the Greasers clique in Bully.

Lola Lombardi
Clique Greasers
Gender Female
Kissable Yes
Missions Jealous Johnny
Lola's Race
The Tenements
The Rumble
Finding Johnny Vincent
Voice Actor Phoebe Strole

Character Summary

Lola is the only female member of the greasers and the girlfriend of Johnny Vincent. She has auburn hair that is in a bob cut and has brown eyes. She never wears the school uniform. Instead, she wears tight leather pants, a light pink belly shirt, a black leather jacket that has leopard print on the inside, and a pair of white shoes with pink socks. In the winter, she replaces the belly shirt with a sweater of the same color, adds a red scarf, a pair of black gloves, and switches from the white shoes to black high heeled boots. At night, she can be seen wearing yellow pajamas in the Girls' Dorm.

She is considered by many students to be manipulative and promiscuous, popular terms of description for her being 'slut' or 'tramp'. Lola considers herself to be 'hot', and complains that others don't know how hard it is to be hot. On the side of her left calf, she has a tattoo of a cherry, like Townie Zoe Taylor.

Lola has a rivalry with Pinky Gauthier, and the two are hostile to each other upon seeing each other. She also has a rivalry with Mandy Wiles, who she considers a bitch.

She has cheated on Johnny with various male students, those seen in the game being Gord, Chad, Jimmy, and Algie. Lola is considered easy among the male students, and slutty among the female students. She is rumored to sleep around in order to get Johnny jealous. She loves attention and often requests that conversational topics be shifted to her. Lola is enthusiastic about the idea that she may have a stalker, and believes that boys are 'everything', but sometimes worries that they are, in fact, not everything.

Lola can be seen on the cover of the BlaBla magazine in the Old Bullworth Vale beauty salon.

It is slightly hinted that Lola has a nihilistic view of the world, and her personality is merely a reaction. However, Lefty claims that she told him she wanted to join a nunnery upon graduation.


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