Wandering Around

  • I don't know why Johnny would be mad at me.
  • Those other girls are just jealous.
  • Mmm... that new kid is pretty cute.
  • No one understands how much work it is to be hot.
  • I wish something exciting would happen.
  • I hope he won't think I'm cheap.


  • So like, anyways...
  • Oh, that reminds me...
  • Did you hear what Mandy said about me? What a bitch!.
  • He's been passing me all these notes in class. What a dork!.
  • Johnny's been acting all jealous lately. He's so passionate.
  • She's nothing special but they still got into this huge fight over her.
  • So now he says he's in love with me. What an idiot.
  • He said he dumped me but I told him we weren't even going out in the first place.
  • I heard that the new boy is a dangerous thug. It's so exciting!.
  • I heard the parties at Harrington House are really good.
  • Johnny was saying he's gonna go teach those preppies a lesson. He gets so angry sometimes.
  • Me and Johnny are pretty much through. Did you hear that Jimmy beat him?
  • Jimmy Hopkins was saying he wanted to take me out... I think I just might let him.
  • All the boys are always fighting over the stupidest things. It's so annoying!.
  • There's gonna be another pillow fight tonight!
  • Are you sure about that?
  • Oh? Well, let's talk about me.
  • That sounds boring.
  • I can't wait to tell Johnny.
  • It's been a week, so I'm beginning to get a little worried.
  • Sometimes I worry that boys are everything.
  • He's so mean to me sometimes... I don't know what to do!
  • I think maybe boys just like me because I'm hot.
  • That's not my fault.
  • So? What about my problems?
  • You should go on a date, it might help.
  • Oh, quit whining! It's so annoying!
  • Guys are so full of themselves sometimes.
  • I'm getting so old! My life is almost over!
  • Guys are such selfish jerks!
  • No one pays enough attention to me.
  • The boys have been going crazy over me! I just don't know what to do.
  • I got these new pants and they really make me look good.
  • I can get any boy I want.
  • Johnny and I were on the best date ever.
  • He told me he likes me because of my personality. Isn't that sweet?
  • You're almost as cool as me.
  • That's alright, I guess.
  • Are you serious? Cool!
  • See? Hanging out with me is totally good for you.
  • So, did you ever hang out with a girl like me before?
  • Have you ever, you know, kissed someone?
  • Did you go to the Blue Balls Pool Hall? It's cool.
  • Have you ever gotten someone else to do your homework for you?
  • Did you ever go on a date and not make out?
  • Just once, on a date.
  • No, that sounds boring.
  • Gimme a break, that's a stupid question.
  • I don't remember.

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Oh, sorry.
  • Can I get by?
  • (Giggles)

Unfriendly Terms

  • I'm not interested.
  • Get lost, scuzz!
  • You're not my type.
  • Johnny won't like this.
  • Back off, creep!
  • Keep your hands to yourself!
  • Stop hassling me!

Bumped into Jimmy after he's expelled

  • Where's Johnny?

Pinched in the bum

  • That's no way to treat a lady!
  • Keep your hands off me!

Complimenting Appearance

  • You're looking handsome, Jimmy...
  • You look so rough in that haircut, Jimmy. I like it.
  • Where did you get that hat, Jimmy? It looks good.
  • Hi, Jimmy, I like your pants.
  • Stylish shoes, Jimmy.
  • Nice shirt, Jimmy. Is it new?


  • You're beautiful, Lola...
  • Eat your heart out, boys.


  • Oh hi!
  • Hello.
  • Hey there.
  • Hey Jimmy, won't you talk to me a while?
  • Hey Jimmy, wanna have some fun?

Greeting authority

  • Hello ma'am.
  • Hello sir.

Greeting with fear

  • Um... hi.

Saying Goodbye

  • Johnny's waiting for me. Bye.
  • I have to meet someone. See ya.
  • I'm a busy girl. Gotta go.
  • Call me?
  • I'll talk to you later, OK?
  • Bye.

Calling for help

  • Someone get Johnny!
  • Help me!

Don't Hit

  • Jimmy, don't be a jerk.
  • Stop it!
  • What's your problem?


  • You think you're tough, huh?!
  • You're messing with the wrong girl!
  • I'll scratch your eyes out!
  • Don't call me a bitch!


  • Get back here, you creep!
  • Just you wait!

Out of Breath

  • Whoo! *panting*

Escaped From

  • I don't know why I bother with you, Jimmy!
  • You can run but Johnny'll get cha.

Spit on

  • You're sick!

Knocked Out

  • I'm gonna tell Johnny.
  • Johnny's gonna get you for this.
  • I can't believe you hit me!
  • That really hurt, you know?

Knocked off bike

  • I never liked bikes...
  • Hope I didn't scratch my face!

Fight Instigated

  • That's it!
  • I've had enough of you!

Watching a fight

  • C'mon! Hit 'im!
  • He's so manly!
  • Just look at 'im fight!

Seeing friend/cliquemate being attacked

  • Don't just take that?!
  • My friends are gonna beat you up now!


  • You're awful!
  • Don't make me laugh!
  • That's pathetic!
  • That's so uncool.


  • You're a total washout!
  • You're so not hot!
  • Get outta here!
  • Eat your heart out, loser!
  • Yeah, go back to your ugly friend!
  • You're just frustrated.
  • It's true what they say about you!
  • (shoving) Weirdo!
  • (shoving) Creep!

Taunting new kid

  •  I'm out of your league, new kid.

Taunting appearance

  • Learn how to dress!
  • Ugh, what happened to your head?
  • Who bought those pants for you? Your mom?
  • What is that on your feet?
  • You do know that shirt is dorky, right?
  • I can't believe you actually got that tattoo.
  • I bet you think that hat is cool.


  • C'mon... gimme a break.
  • It's not my fault.


  • Please! Oh... c'mon!
  • Just gimme a break!
  • It's not my fault!

Not intimidated by taunt

  • Look, you're not impressing me.
  • Is that suppose to make me react?
  • I don't care.
  • Hmm... whatever.

Comebacks after being taunted

  • You're just saying that because you like me.
  • I'm gonna tell Johnny about that!
  • Stop being so jealous, Jimmy.
  • Try being nice for a change.
  • Don't talk to me like that, jerk!
  • Watch your mouth!


  • Hahahaha...
  • Ha hahaha haha ha.

While getting swirlie

  • C'mon! Please! Don't!
  • Johnny is gonna kill you!

After getting swirlie

  • Why'd you do that to me?

After being locked

  • Johnny is gonna get you for that!
  • Why are you so mean to me?

Getting hit by bike/car

  • Watch your driving!
  • You better not have messed up my hair!
  • Johnny's gonna kill you!

Hit by Stink bomb

  • That reeks!

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Aaaah! That's sick!

Hit by sneak attack/projectile

  • Who did that?
  • Gimme a break!


  • Aaah... What?!


  • It was just awful! Please, do something!
  • I don't like to tattle but it was just so bad!


  • It's awful! Johnny won't stand for it!
  • I can't believe it!


  • Hey! Stop it!
  • Johnny is not gonna like this!
  • Why did you just do that?!


  • He can't get away with that!

Seeing vandalism

  • Hey! Don't break that!
  • C'mon! Don't do that!

Seeing something cool

  • Oh, wow!
  • Look at that!

Seeing something lame

  • (Yawns) Boring...
  • That's it?

Seeing someone tagging a wall

  • Didn't your mom teach you not to write on walls?

Seeing a weapon being fired

  • Oh, cool!
  • That's crazy!

Seeing a boy in the girls' dorm/bathroom

  • Aaaay!
  • Oh my god! Aaaah!
  • Whose boyfriend is that?!
  • You're such a bad boy *giggles*

Seeing successful bike trick

  • Are you good off the bike too?
  • Now you're really impressing me...

Seeing failed bike trick

  • You're not very good!
  • Come back when you're better!


  • I'm impressed!
  • You really know what you're doing, huh.


  • That's disgusting!
  • Argh!

Asking for a gift

  • You have to show you really like me.
  • I'm not cheap, you know.

Receiving a gift

  • Oh, thank you!
  • For me? Oh, thank you.

Giving a gift

  • For you, darling.

Before making out

  • I think we're alone now...
  • It's your lucky day, Jimmy!

After making out

  • Wasn't that great?
  • You smeared my lipstick, you beast (giggles)
  • Wow, Jimmy. You're so manly...

Leading the way

  • This way, Jimmy!
  • Over here!

When character doesn't follow

  • You're going the wrong way, silly.
  • That's the wrong way!

Fire Alarm

  • I bet you it isn't even a real fire. How boring.

Food Fight

  • Oh yeah? We'll see about that.

Commenting carnival rides

  • What a thrill!
  • I love that ride!

Commenting freak show

  • Sometimes I think we're all just freaks in a big freak show.

When TV is turned off

  • Could you turn that back on, please?


  • It's just not fair!

During missions

Chapter II

  • Hey, pass me the soap.
  • That was a fun class Miss Phillips.
  • laughs*
  • He's kinda cute though.

Chapter III

  • Hey there, Gord-baby.
  • Easy there sailor... you think I'm that easy?
  • See if you can catch me.
  • Sure does. Whatcha gonna do with me?
  • I don't think so... but I do feel a little... exposed.
  • Oh Gord, you really know how to treat a girl.
  • Not for too much longer I hope.
  • No no... the hooks are in the back.
  • Are you sure you've done this before?
  • Like this.
  • Okay, I think you're getting it.
  • It's getting kinda hot in here, don't you think?
  • Yeah. It's a little stuffy in here and I'm going home. See ya'.
  • Look, that creep's been following us.
  • A stalker! How exciting!
  • Who's that guy who keeps following us?
  • Oh there you are. Maybe you should find a good place to keep watch? Don't let them see you.
  • Hey Chad! Over here!
  • Don't let them intimidate you Tad. I'll be waiting for you, up there!
  • Hiding? I just want to see how the fight turns out.
  • Don't let them see you Jimmy!
  • Where are you going?
  • Please stay with me Jimmy!
  • Look out! There's more on a left!
  • They're coming from the left!
  • On the right, Jimmy! On the right!
  • Watch out on the right!
  • Oh! I think they're gonna climb the fence!
  • They're jumping the fence, Jimmy!
  • They're coming from all over!
  • There are so many of them!
  • Did you see that punch?
  • Good shot, Jimmy!
  • This is so exciting!
  • I thought you could do this, Jimmy. You suck!
  • That was awesome! Thanks, Jimmy. See you around.
  • Bye, Tad. I'll call you!
  • Thanks, honey. You're great!
  • Maybe I do, but this time I really mean it.
  • Ready boys? Time to really prove you can race!
  • Three... two... one... Go!
  • More bike talk? I'll meet you guys later...
  • Wow, Jimmy, you're fast! Are you always that fast?
  • (kissing noises)
  • I hope so, Jimmy.
  • He's so dreamy.

Chapter 6 (5)

  • Shut up, you jealous bitch!
  • So what? He didn't have your name on 'im, did he?

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