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"My dad will be sorry when I come back home"
— Lucas

Lucas Leroy is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Lucas Leroy
Lucas Leroy
Birthday December 15, 1988
Aliases - Luke
Eye Color Gunmetal gray
Hair Color Dark Brown (Naturally)
Obsidian Black (Dyed)
Height 6'4
Grade Senior
Clique Goths
Status Leader
Relationship Status Single
Gender Male
Family Pierre Leroy - Father
Hometown Quebec, Canada
Nationality French
Rival All other clique leaders
Affiliations Anti-Social
Main Hangouts Cemetary
Creator Westside JDM


He walks around school with an angry and depressed look on his face

He stands at a height of 6'4, and he disregards the dress code, wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt, black slacks, and black shoes.

He also has naturally dark brown hair dyed Obsidian black, with gunmetal gray eyes.

In the winter, he puts on a black parka hoodie, with black tundra pants, For halloween, he dresses as a very complex looking vampire, complete with a cape, and fake vampire teeth.

He has many cut marks on his arms, with quite a few bruises around his body, from beatings from his father, needless to say, Lucas tried fighting back.

He also has ballistic knives and brass knuckles on him at all moments of the day, due to paranoia that somebody's gonna attack him


He's a mean person, who hates everybody that isn't in his clique, and he looks out for in his clique, and he guards them with his life.

His insult of choice is "Retard"

He speaks in a monotonous tone of voice, with small traces of anger, and intent to cause massive harm to whoever he is attacking or is attacking him.

He always is thinking about his past, when he lived with his abusive father back in Quebec. He's always trying to get over it, but he doesn't want help from his clique mates, when they offer to help him out with his problems

He usually isn't scared of anything. Except tazers, If somebody pulled a knife, he wouldn't be scared, but if they pulled a tazer on him, then he would be paralyzed with fear. This fear comes from being tazed by his dad when he misbehaved.

He also for some reason always has his guard up, even when he's around his clique mates, probably due to him thinking somebody's gonna attack him

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

He likes to play the flute, and the clarinet. He was forced by his father to take Clarinet lessons and still is, but he stole the flute from music class, because he saw it as a way to relieve his emotions, and not think about his strained past.

He has a collection of knives back at home, but he still brought ballistic knives to Bullworth. Despite not having intention to use them on anything, he still carries one with him at all times of the day, He doesn't shoot it, but he carries it on him to feel safe.

He enjoys Pokemon. He also plays it on his Nintendo DS all the time. He is often ridiculed for playing it by many of the popular students, He ignores their taunts, but if they pull the "You're a nerd" card on him, Lucas is likely to attack them, and make sure that they never taunt him again

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