"Who needs an education when you got abs like mine?"
— Luis Luna

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Luis Luna is a member of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Luis Luna
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Rival Nerds
Norton Williams
Hal Esposito
Kissable No
Voice Actor Adam Scarimbolo

Character Summary

Luis is a taller, broader member of the jocks. His dark brown hair is styled into a flat top, and he has brown eyes. Luis usually wears a sleeveless Bullworth letterman sweater, over a long sleeved white shirt. His skin tone is a little darker than the other students at Bullworth, and this along with his name suggest he is Hispanic, or has Hispanic heritage.

Unlike his best friend, Juri, Luis appears to be rather intelligent. He does his own classwork at times, and does rather well in school.

He is very proud of his physique, and often makes references to his abs. Like Casey, Luis is also hinted to be on steroids provided by Mr. Burton. He is childhood friends with Lefty, and grew up in New Coventry. Luis still holds a grudge against the preps, most likely because of his origin.

Luis is an avid soccer fan, and challenges Jimmy to play Keep Ups with him. He also enjoys to wrestle, and practices with Juri.


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