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"I want some hot cheetoes"
— Madison
Madison Reece
Madison Reece
Birthday May 11th, 1991
Aliases - Maddie
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Light Brown (Naturally)
Dyed Chocolate Brown
Height 4'9
Grade Sophomore
Clique None
Status Student
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Riley Reece - Brother
Hometown Bullworth, New Hamphshire
Nationality Native American
Rival Juliette Silacci
McKayla Silacci
Ashlynn Leoncio
Affiliations Samantha Silacci - Best friend
Marissa Belmonte - Close friend
Louise McComb - Best friend
Faith Reyes - Best Friend
Main Hangouts Bullworth Gardens park
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Madison Reece- Signature
Madison Faith Reece

Madison Reece is a Third-Generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


Madison is quiet to boot, but is openly friendly to anyone she meets, as long as they have a bag of hot cheetoes to give her.

She is also a loyal person. she always stands up for her friends, if anybody attacks them, she attacks the attacker, and scares them off.

She's always there for her friends, if they're feeling down, she's there to crack a joke or two to cheer them up.

Around Sam's sisters, she's just as hostile to them as Sam and Marissa are.

When around her enemies, she has her guard up, and she's ready to throw down when necessary. She may be short, but she can hit hard, both verbally and physically.


She is petite, about 4'9. She has brown hair and Sepia brown eyes, and black framed glasses. She wears the non-clique uniform with knee socks paired with black Mary-Jane shoes, and hikes up her skirt. She also wears a tie and a denim jacket.

In the winter, She puts on white tights, and a heavy black jacket, with black gloves.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to style nails different colors, typically bright red, or santorin blue. She enjoys styling her friends' nails too, she sees pink as the most bland color in the world, because most of the other girls in the academy like to paint their nails pink.

She enjoys dancing. She goes to the same dance studio as Audrey, but they don't talk to each other. They do have their friendly moments, and their rival moments. She is a skilled dancer, with quite a bit of flexibility at her disposal, She's danced for eleven years and has always enjoyed it.

She likes to bake. She bakes cakes, cookies, and brownies frequently. When she's done baking; She, Samantha, and Marissa typically share them, with a tall pitcher of lemonade, in Home economics; she doesn't bake sweets, as Mrs. Peabody forbids it. But that's when she's the teacher, when the real home economics teacher is there, she bakes sweets, and gives most of them to the class.

She likes to dye her hair different colors every three months. Currently, her hair is chocolate brown, but in about two months, she will dye it some other color, most likely black or dark red.

She idolizes Marilyn Monroe. She doesn't plan on dying her hair blonde though, because she wouldn't be able to find the correct hairstyle that fits her. She commonly tries to befriend Mallorie, because she thinks Mallorie idolizes her.

One last interest is photography. She's learning the basics of photography, but she practices every day to get better.

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