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The Mafia are a clique attending Bullworth Academy in Bully: Transferred to Bullworth


The Mafia are behind the Gangbangers in hierarchy of Bullworth Academy

Clique Information

Having some interest of dominating the school, They can sometimes Bully the occasional Gangbanger. They can easily bully an other clique, They are easily identified by their sleek black hair, their suits with ties, and fake Thompson M1A1 BB Guns. They are known to hang out in the school basement, primarily in the storage room, They also hang out in New Coventry.


They have a direct rivalry with the Greasers because the Greasers think that they are more Italian than the Mafia are. The Preps dislike the Mafia because they are poor. They also have a rivalry with the Rednecks because the Mafia dislike dirty people.


Patrick Messina- The leader of the clique

Larry Pavano

Paul Inzerillo- The second in command of the Mafia

Vito La Barbera

Audrey San Lorenzo- The lone female of the group; Also the only civilized character in the clique

David Motisi

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