"I didn't say I like him!"
— Maggie

Maggie Grigorescu is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Maggie Grigorescu
Maggie Grigorescu
Birthday January 8th, 1989
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'0
Grade Junior
Clique None
Gender Female
Creator Westside JDM


Maggie stands at very short 5'0. She has dirty canary blonde hair, with light brown eyes. She also wears glasses.

She loose non-clique uniform, with sandals instead of the Mary-Janes. In the winter, she takes the skirt off and puts on jeans, and sneakers, and wears a gray Bullworth Jacket.

For Halloween, she dresses as Sleeping Beauty.


Maggie is that kind of girl who talks so much to the point where she doesn't even make any sense, sometimes to the point where she's just making noises, this is well known by the people who take classes with her, because she's always with her annoying little group of friends who listen to everything she says.

She has the reputation as one of the weirdest people in Bullworth. She often takes pictures of the guys she has crushes on, and then finds out where they hang out, and shows them the picture she took.

She's a major snitch. She's gotten countless people in trouble, when she was annoying them, they then insult her, and she gets them in big trouble. Typically, she is the one who is picking fights with people, and when things get out of hand, she plays the victim, and she can make anybody look bad.

Lastly, Maggie often lies about relationships. When she's with her annoying group of friends, she often lies about having a boyfriend, when she's really just harassing the boy she's talking to.

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