"Who should I humiliate and socially destroy today?"
— Mandy

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Mandy Wiles is a member of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Mandy Wiles
Clique Jocks
Gender Female
Rival Beatrice Trudeau
Lola Lombardi
Ethan Robinson
Tom Gurney
Affiliations Ted Thompson - Ex-Boyfriend
Lefty Mancini
Kissable Yes
Missions That Bitch
Discretion Assured
Cheating Time
The Gym is Burning
Voice Actor Elena Franklin

Character Summary

Mandy is the only female member of the jocks clique. She has brown hair that is worn in a high ponytail tied with a dark blue ribbon, and brown eyes. Mandy rarely appears out of her cheerleading uniform. In the winter, Mandy wears a white-gray Bullworth sweater along with blue tights. She can be seen in the Girls' Dorm in her pajamas, which consist of blue basketball shorts and a gray school T-shirt. She is considered to be very attractive physically by many of the students.

She is head cheerleader, and considers herself to be queen bee of the school--and is widely accepted as so. She dates the star quarterback of the football team, Ted Thompson. After lewd pictures of her were placed around the school and Bullworth Town, however, it is assumed that they broke up, and she begins seeing Jimmy.

Mandy is condescending, and thinks of herself as not only the most popular girl in the school, but also the most attractive. She is nasty and catty to those she deems below her, particularly Beatrice, with whom she has a direct feud. Beneath her mean exterior, however, she is very insecure and even admits it to Jimmy on one occasion.

Mandy threatening Beatrice.

Mandy aspires to one day be a model, and there are various rumors around the school that she has an eating disorder (bulimia nervosa, most likely) and vomits in order to lose weight fast and remain thin. She is adored by several boys at Bullworth. Mandy appears to have a slight crush on greaser Johnny Vincent, she thinks he is cute and wonders what it would be like to kiss him. Additionally, she wonders why Johnny dates Lola, whom she considers to be a tramp. It appears she has a direct feud with Lola.

There are many rumors that Mandy is promiscuous floating around the school (such as Russell claiming she let him see her belly button), but the rumors lack evidence, and she seems worried that her parents do not see her as a slut as seen in Discretion Assured. Ms. Rushinski describes Mandy as a "church going girl".

Unused dialogue found in hers' and Zoe Taylor's speech files suggest the two were friends at some point in their lives.


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