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During missions

  • I'll be right there... just have to get something from my locker.
  • Those girls just don't appreciate what hard work it is to always be beautiful.
  • belching*
  • Hey! You! That's my answer sheet! Help! I'm being robbed.
  • Oh my god, is that the cafeteria lady over there?
  • Edna, what are you doing? You stink like cheap perfume... like did you drink a whole bottle or something?
  • Oh my god Edna, I'm so sorry. Did you like cut your face when you shaved or something?
  • How'd you get Dr. Watts to go out with you Edna? Like did you drug him?
  • This is impossible!
  • How am I supposed to know what a cosine is?
  • I sure hope there's no math requirement for cheerleading college.
  • Oh yes, miss.
  • Would you be QUIET?!? I'm trying to get my beauty sleep.
  • Is it the football team?
  • There he is!
  • Thank you Mister Hattrick!
  • Yeah. I knew you guys didn't have the money. And MATH IS HARD!
  • Don't worry, he'll be here soon... I'm sure.
  • What happened to your hair!? Poor girl!
  • Oh my god, that zit is totally noticeable.
  • Keep trying... maybe one day you'll get it.
  • Forgot to do your laundry again?
  • Don't look at me!
  • In your dreams!
  • What's with your pants?
  • Get away from me!
  • ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME... you creep!?
  • What are you doing?
  • Stop following me, jerk!
  • You're like totally following me, I'm so out of here.
  • Stop following me you perverted creep!
  • Oh my god, this is disgusting. I'll have to go change. Oh my god.
  • I can't believe someone threw something like that at me.
  • Can't wait to get out of these clothes.
  • Hopkins! I see you there! You are so not getting away with this!
  • This is much better. I hope it doesn't make me smell like a nerd.
  • Why does this stuff always happen to me?
  • Ah, much better... now I'm ready to dazzle everyone with my charisma and popularity again.
  • Aaaahhhh!
  • Eeeeeehhhhh!
  • Don't touch me you perverted twisted sicko peeping Tom creepy son of a bitch!
  • Get out of here you sleazy sick slimy pig! Get OUT!
  • Some weirdo threw something at me. I just can't believe it.
  • Um... could you like get out of our locker room?
  • Come on - dance for us!
  • Do your dance, mascot!
  • Not bad! Maybe you should join our squad?
  • You're so dorky! I love it!
  • GO team! GO!
  • Guys! The mascot were screw up again!
  • Hey guys! Our mascot hasn't been practising enough.
  • There's a whole bunch of them in the school!
  • My reputation is ruined... please help me Jimmy, I'll do anything!
  • Did you get them all yet, Jimmy?
  • I'm so glad you're helping me, Jimmy...
  • Oh, you are the sweetest boy ever!
  • I'll show you that I mean it, Jimmy! Just give me a chance.
  • kissing*
  • You know... for a psychopath you're not a bad kisser!
  • Yeah... for sure... bye, Jimmy...
  • What is your problem?
  • Guys! Ricky's being a pervert! Help me!
  • Jimmy is that you? Thank you.
  • I hope no one's getting hurt. Oh Jimmy, won't you save them?
  • Where are the others? Is everyone okay?
  • Is everybody safe? Oh my god, Jimmy! Please get them!
  • Jimmy! The fire! Please get the fire!
  • I think the flames are getting out of control!
  • Jimmy! Please save the gym! Please!
  • Oh, Jimmy! Thank you!
  • I don't know but I saw some weirdo downstairs.
  • Be careful, Jimmy!
  • WHO do you think you are?
  • I can't believe you used to be my friend.

Suggesting to go on a date

  • Oh... that sounds like a great idea Jimmy!
  • You and me Jimmy? *chuckles* Okay!
  • Sure! We can hang out a bit!?

ALLY About to Leave

  • Alright, I'm bored. Bye!
  • You know, I still have to wash my hair. See ya.
  • It was fun but now IT'S OVER. Bye!

ALLY Help Me

  • Jimmy! Help me!
  • Jimmy! Are you going to protect me or what?!

Pinched in the bum

  • Who do you think you are?!
  • Oh my god! You're such a sleaze!

Wandering around

  • Oh my god! I think I broke a nail or something. Major emergency...
  • I hope everyone's looking at me. Of course they're looking at me.
  • Who should I humilliate and socially destroy today?
  • I don't get it. What exactly is the gongshow anyways?
  • Yeah, like he doesn't care? Of course he cares, I mean, just look at me...
  • Mmm... Johnny Vincent is kinda cute. Why is he with that tramp Lola?


  • Anyways... let's talk about me.
  • Oh, I just thought of something.
  • Oh my god, Beatrice is such a dork. She thought she could hang out with me just because I copy my assigments from her.
  • Did you see Pinky in that skirt? Ugh, poor girl, she's definitely getting fat.
  • Can you believe Lola? I bet she's been with at least half the boys of the school just to make Johnny jealous.
  • He obviously has the hots for me. Not that I can blame him, I mean, who doesn't, right?
  • Miss Philips obviously used to be one of those weird drama club kids. No wonder she got divorced and had to become a teacher.
  • Mr. Burton is such a nice man. He's always helping out with cheerleading practice, you know?
  • Everyone who's not a total loser is voting for Ted in the student council election.
  • Did you hear about that plant they keep in Harrington House? Those preps are so weird. If it wasn't for the money they'd be total nerds!
  • Lola's got Johnny all wound up the poor guy. He should forget about that tramp and try out for the football team!
  • It's not like anyone actually cares about the game, they're all there for the awesome cheeleading!
  • Jimmy is just like, so cool! I heard Mr. Burton is going to make him captain of the football team.
  • Can you believe that Jimmy psychopath? Gary was right about him all along!
  • I heard the swim team shaves all their body hair!
  • No one appreciates how much hard work it is to be this popular!
  • The worst thing about being beautiful is that everyone's jealous, you know?
  • I got this huge zit the other day; my life is over!
  • I can't believe I had to sit next to that nerd Melvin! Like, doesn't anyone care about my feelings?!
  • There are just so many losers in this world! It's so annoying!
  • What is it with homework, anyways? Don't they know I have cheerleading practice?!
  • Why do so many dweebs wanna talk to me? Don't they know I'm like, totally out of their league?
  • There are just too many boys trying to get a date with me. It's such a hassle!
  • I am so sure to get a cheerleading scholarship for college!
  • I think I'm gonna ostracise Beatrice this week, she's been annoying me.
  • I'm like, a natural born leader, that's why I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad.
  • I'm guaranteed to pass math this year and I don't even have to study!
  • It's like, I'm the queen of Bullworth. It's a lot of pressure, you know, but totally worth it.
  • Maybe Lola's are bigger, but mine are definitely perkier... for sure.
  • Have you ever had too many people ask you out on a date?
  • Have you ever tried to imagine what it's like to be a nerd?
  • Have you ever been to New Coventry?
  • Have you ever copied someone's homework?
  • Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to make out with Johnny Vincent?


  • Yeah, like, I'm so sure.
  • Oh my god! That can't be true.
  • Are you like totally sure about that?
  • That's totally believable!
  • Look on the bright side, at least, I don't have that problem.
  • Why do you always talk about your problems? How about MY feelings?!
  • Could we talk about somethin' that's not boring?
  • Well... isn't that nice?
  • Wow, you are like, almost as cool as me!
  • I'm sure you're real proud.
  • Wow, isn't that nice?
  • What a stupid question; of course I have!
  • Nah! Never.
  • Oh, for sure!
  • Yeah, of course! All the cool kids have.

Bumped Into

Friendly terms

  • Like, excuse me!
  • Um... hello?
  • Look where you're going, OK?

Unfriendly terms

  • Don't even think about it, creepo!
  • Yeah, I'm so sure!
  • Oh my god! Did you just touch me?!
  • You are such, a freak!
  • Whatever!
  • What's your problem?!
  • Like, don't touch me!

Bumped into Jimmy after he's expelled

  • You're such a loser!

Don't hit

  • Could you be less of a dork, please?!
  • God! Sometimes you're such a pain!
  • Oh my god! Why'd you've to be such an idiot?!


  • Hi.
  • Hello!
  • Hiya!
  • Hello, handsome.
  • Hello, you...

Greeting authority

  • Hello ma'm.
  • Hi, sir. How are you?

Greeting with fear

  • Ah... like... hello?

Saying goodbye

  • I gotta go make Beatrice miserable. See you.
  • I've to go and get myself a pedicure. Bye.
  • You're not holding my interests. See you later.
  • Bye-bye!
  • Gotta go to practice, bye!
  • See you later, OK?

Complimenting Appearance

  • Jimmy! You dress way better than most of the dorks here!
  • Like, that haircut is totally cool, Jimmy!
  • Wow, nice hat!
  • Where'd you get that shirt, Jimmy? It's awesome.
  • I totally like your shoes, Jimmy!

Asking for a gift

  • C'mon Jimmy, you know you're supposed to bring me a present.
  • You have to show you really care.

After receiving a gift

  • I guess I was wrong about you. Thanks.
  • Oh, that's really nice. Thank you.

Before making out

  • Jimmy, I'm a little cold. Would you give me a hug?
  • Won't you come a little closer, Jimmy?

After making out

  • That was cool. But don't tell anyone, okay?
  • You know, Jimmy? I think I might like you!
  • You just made out with the most popular girl at Bullworth!


  • God... I am so... hot!
  • Eat your heart out boys...


  • Ha ha ha ha haaa... LOSER!
  • (laughs)

Calling for help

  • Help! Help! I'm being harassed!
  • Would someone get this jerk off me?!


  • Just you wait!
  • I'm a cheerleader and I'm gonna kick your ass!
  • Oh? You think it's funny now...
  • I'm gonna make you so sorry!


  • You're like SO DEAD!
  • You can't outrun a cheerleader!

Out of Breath

  • (Panting) I don't (panting) care...

Escaped from

  • You're like the biggest wuss ever Jimmy Hopkins!
  • You know you're running away from a girl, don't you? Oh my God, you're so pathetic!

Fight Instigated

  • I'm a cheerleader and I'm ANGRY!
  • I'm so going to hurt you!

Spit On

  • Oh my god! You're like, totally sick!

Watching a fight

  • Go, Bullworth! Go!
  • Ha haa, look at those dorks fight!
  • This is so much fun!

Seeing friend/cliquemate being attacked

  • Hey! Don't do that to him!
  • Why do you always have to fight?!

Knocked out

  • Who beats up a cheerleader...?
  • You are crazy and abusive... you know that?
  • You have... serious problems...
  • (whines) But... but... I'm popular...!


  • Oh my god! It's like the worst thing ever, I mean, can you believe it?!
  • It's just so not right, you know? Like, how can anyone live with themselves doing something like that?!


  • You are like the biggest loser ever!
  • Oh my god! You're such a NERD!
  • You're the biggest social outcast at all of Bullworth!
  • Oh my god! How can you even live with yourself?!


  • Loser!
  • Reject!
  • Social outcast!
  • Nobody likes you!
  • Dorkwad!
  • Oh my god! You are such a jerk!
  • Like, you're a total reject!
  • (shoving) You're such a dork!
  • (Shoving) And there's nothing you can do about it!

Taunting new kid

  • Hey, new kid, don't ever talk to me, OK?

Taunting appearance

  • Are you embarrased to look like that?
  • Are you deliberately trying to be a social reject with that haircut?
  • Oh my god! What happened to your pants?
  • Like, did you make those shoes yourself?
  • I'm so sorry about that shirt!
  • Tattoos are for social rejects! Perfect for you!
  • That hat's really unfortunate!


  • Um... like, OK, like... um...
  • So... like, um, please calm down...


  • C'mon! You can't do that! I'm like, popular!
  • Why are you being such a jerk?! To me!
  • You know, you are like totally hurting my feelings!

Not intimidated by taunt

  • Yeah like, whatever.
  • Do I look like someone who cares?!
  • Why don't you go be annoying someone else?
  • Like, I bother with a nobody like you.

Comebacks after being taunted

  • Oh yeah, whatever Mr. 'I'm such a jerk'!
  • Oh yeah? How come you don't have any friends then, huh?
  • You did not just talked to me in that tone of voice!
  • Get over yourself!
  • Oh look! Mr. 'I've been expelled a hundred times' thinks he's cool!
  • You're like, the most pathetic jerk ever!

While getting swirlie

  • Please! Please! Please, don't do that!

After getting swirlie


After being locked

  • Oh my god! I can't believe you just did that!
  • You can't do that to me! I'm popular!

Getting hit by bike/car

  • Oh my god! Why did you do that?!
  • Are you insane?!
  • You are like totally out of control!

Getting hit by dead rat

  • (Shrieks) A rat!

Getting hit by stink bomb

  • (coughs) Oh my (coughs) god! (coughs).

Getting hit by sneak attack/projectile

  • You can't just do that to the most popular girl!
  • Oh yeah, very funny, guys...

Perceiving something as cool

  • Ooh! That's pretty cool!
  • Yeah... ok... that's nice!

Perceiving something as crap

  • Two. Words. Totally. nerdy!
  • Only losers would like that!

Seeing vandalism

  • Why are you being such a psychopath?!
  • Could you like not be a total jerk, please?!

Seeing weapon being fired

  • It's not the four of July, you doofus!
  • You are such a psycho!

Seeing someone tagging a wall

  • Are you crying out for attention or something?!

Seeing boy in girls' dorm/bathroom

  • Aaaah! Oh my god!
  • (Shrieks)
  • Aaaah! It's a boy! At the dorm!
  • Having a little adventure, are we?


  • Yuck! Like, sicky! Yuck!
  • That's like, totally grody!


  • Someone should like totally demolish that little jerk!


  • Like, oh my god! Could you like, do something about him?
  • I can't believe he did it, but he totally did! And it's totally not allowed!

Commenting store clothing

  • That is so ugly!
  • I bet Lola would wear something like that.
  • Oh, that's pretty cute. I'll make Ted buy it for me.
  • I'm too good looking to wear something like that.


  • This is just so confusing!


  • Like, that's so cool!
  • You totally rock!

When TV is turned off

  • Hey, dorkwad, I was watching that!


  • Like, why do you have to be such a jerk?
  • That's so totally not funny!
  • Who do you think you are doing that to me?!