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Not to be confused with Audrey San Lorenzo; a similar looking OC made by Westside JDM

"How do people always get me confused with Audrey San Lorenzo?! I'm nothing like her."
— Marissa
Marissa Belmonte
Marissa Belmonte- Minor Differance
Marissa Belmonte, one of Westside's most misunderstood OCs. Appearance wise, she's based off somebody who looks like Audrey in real life. She's slowly taken the time to get stronger and stronger as an original character. Her appearance around Bullworth Academy gets her confused with Audrey San Lorenzo pretty often. It doesn't get her angry, but it gets on her nerves.
Birthday March 11, 1991
Aliases - Mary
- Audrey Junior
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Otter Brown
Height 5'7
Grade Sophomore
Clique None
Status Student
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Frank Belmonte - Father
Clarissa Belmonte - Older Sister
Joshua Belmonte - Younger Brother
Hometown Pacific Grove, California
Nationality South African
Rival Taylor Silacci
Juliette Silacci
McKayla Silacci
Ashlynn Leoncio
Affiliations Samantha Silacci - Best friend
Madison Reece - Best friend
Fallisity Burns - Best friend
Main Hangouts Dragon's Wing Comics
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Marissa Ashley Belmonte
Marissa Ashley Belmonte

Marissa Belmonte is a Second-generation Original Character the deuteragonist in Life as a slave to a teacher, a fanfiction being written by Westside JDM.

CREATOR'S NOTES: This character may look like Audrey San Lorenzo, but is not anything close to her at all.


Marissa has Otter brown hair, with sepia brown eyes; Most of the students at Bullworth academy antagonize her, because she heavily resembles Audrey San Lorenzo.

She is also tall, about 5'7 in height.

Uniform wise, she wears the same outfit as all the other girls; but wears her skirt slightly higher, and wears tighter stockings; In the winter, she exchanges the stockings for white tights and uggs; she also wears gloves and a heavy jacket.

She has the Italian, South African, Australian, and Irish look mixed together.


She is a rather boring and bland girl, Nobody really talks to her, Unless you share interests with her.

There's very rare occasions where she may get mad at somebody; and what gets her mad, brings the worst out of her, Typically she doesn't care about being called Audrey junior, but it can get on her nerves fast if said often.

She's a smart girl, who accells in subjects like math or science. She intends to become a chemical engineer later in life.

She also has a tendency to do anything anybody asks her to do, even if it's extremely ridiculous, but not to the point where it's humiliating.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to draw with Sam. She doesn't draw what Sam draws, which are Military scenes, like dogfights between Strike Eagles and Fulcrums, or tank battles between T-90s and M1A2s. She prefers to draw her own anime drawings, incorporating herself into them, it helps her see relaxation in a long and stressful day in school

She also likes to watch anime. She likes traditional Japanese anime like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, not any of the cheap Nickelodeon knockoffs like Digimon, Monsuno, or Huntik. She also likes to read Marvel and DC comics. Her favorite Marvel superheroes are Hawkeye and Captain America, while her favorite DC superheroes are Batman and The flash.

She has a hobby in Archery, She owns a compound bow and a hunting bow. She's not quite the archer or the hunter, but it's something she likes to do in her spare time. She's always learning new tricks with her bow and arrow. She's doesn't have precise aim, but she's gotten pretty close to getting a bulls eye. The closest she's gotten was the last white ring into the red circle.

One last hobby she has is Cosplay. Every year, her and Sam go down to San Diego comic-con dressed as cosplayers. Sam goes as Zatanna, while Marissa goes as Batgirl. They typically get a couple of compliments on their costumes, but typically are blown off by most people.

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