This character has been abandoned.

The page is being retained for historical purposes.

"Pah, look at her, prancing around with her stupid red hair and stupid big eyes..." Matilda badmouthing Ashley Delta.

A member of Caskez High, she is already known for her hatred of Jay and Ashley even though she doesn't quite have a page yet. She was created by Coloured Flames (the OCs keep coming) and has yet to star in a fanfiction of her own, but she might come into someone else's.

Character Description

Matilda has dark skin and amber eyes with long, dark eyelashes. She has an flat shaped figure and abnormally bright teeth. Her hair is dark brown with lighter highlights. She is a member of Nero's clique at Cakez High, and takes pride in annoying students from Bullworth. She has a very low opinion of Ashley Delta. In summer/spring/autumn she wears red tennis shorts, a green t-shirt and red ska shoes. In winter she adds a black leather jacket to her torso and replaces her shorts with red skinny jeans. On her feet she wears black converse shoes, and adds red gloves to her hands.


Despite her good outlook, Matilda is a cliche bratty teenager. She sulks when she doesn't get her own way and doesn't give a damn about anyone else except for herself and a few others in the clique. If talked with, she will most likely randomly start ranting on about how much you suck. However, if you're at good standings with her friends, Matilda will most likely just acknowledge you with a nod, and then ignore you.
According to dialouge she once had a crush on Jay Southfield, but when he dropped out of her school, became a Townie, and fell in love with Greaser OC Ashley, she started hating them both fiercely.

  • Her winter outfit
  • In Summer, Spring, or Autumn