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"So he wants me beat up, eh? Tell him to get in line behind everybody else who wants to beat me up."
— Mattias
Mattias Nilsson
Mattias Nilsson
Birthday December 3, 1973
Aliases - Matty
- Mark 155
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Canary Blond
Height 6'3
Grade Senior
Clique Mercenaries
Status About to graduate
Relationship Status Single
Gender Male
Family Lucas Nilsson - Father
- Irina Yakolev - Mother
Hometown Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Rival Blake West
Affiliations Jennifer Mui - Best friend
Chris Jacobs - Best friend
Main Hangouts Basement
Creator Westside JDM

Mattias Nilsson is a second generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is based off a video game character in Mercenaries, his favorite video game series.


He has the appearance of a biker. He ignores the dress code. He has canary blond hair with sepia brown eyes. His outfit consists of a biker's outfit, sun glasses and leather boots. In the winter, he simply zips up the jacket and puts on black gloves.

On his arm when his sleeves are lifted up, there are many eye-catching tatoos.


He's one loud boy. He lives to annoy people and cause cheap destruction. He has many conflicts with many of the cliques in the school, He's known around the school for his rivalry with the football team, despite he rarely attacks them. They instead attack him any time they spot him in the crowd, but he's more than happy to fight back against the jocks. They started the rivalry the second he stepped foot into the academy, and they just don't give up when it comes to fighting Mattias, who is typically triumphant.

When he's with his two best friends, he's a funny guy, he can cheer them both up when they both are feeling down.

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