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When Wandering Around

  • I hope the police got my application.
  • I wonder did the army received my application?
  • I need more growth hormones.
  • I just don't understand the minds of trouble

When Class is about to start

  • Miss the bell and I'll make your life hell!
  • Get into Class ASAP.


  • Your just not prefect material punk!
  • When I say jump you better say "how high"?
  • My fist would love a face to face with you.
  • Nervous, Trembling? Good.
  • Feeling Guilty? You look Guilty.


  • Scustbucket
  • Save it for someone who cares.
  • You'll have to try harder then that.
  • Useless Sissy!

Losing a fight

  • whine* need resurrection scroll!
  • Ya Can't find D20 saving throw!
  • I Calculated my odd to be better than that!
  • It's only a flesh wound!
  • Internal organs bleeding, oh life's if a fading beam aboard!
  • sobbing* please call a cleric i need a hearing spell!

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