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"Those hippies are trashier than the greasers"
— Maxwell

Maxwell Marquez is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Maxwell Marquez
Maxwell Marquez
Birthday August 23, 1989
Aliases - Type 125
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Sienna Brown
Height 5'7
Grade Senior
Clique Preps
Status Follower
Relationship Status Womanizer
Gender Male
Family Classified
Hometown Salinas, California
Nationality Spanish
Rival Matt Miller
Ryan Muller
Craig Mendoza
Affiliations David Falkenberg - Best friend
Main Hangouts Harrington House
Old Bullworth Vale
Creator Westside JDM


He stands at a height of 5'7, has light brown eyes, with sienna brown hair and glasses.

Uniform wise, he wears the Prep's uniform, with black slacks.

In the winter, he puts on a yellow and blue scarf, and a blue turtle neck sweater.


Maxwell is easy to put off is a dishonest person. He lies, and he cheats on people and his school work alike. He likes to cause pain and misery for those who have girlfriends, by stealing their girlfriends from them, him and David Falkenberg often do this in tandem together, and they are often hated for it.

He's also quick to call people retards if they get something wrong. Maxwell however, isn't very bright either. He also is behind in all of his classes, because he chooses to flirt with the girls, and talk to his friends, instead of get his work done.

He is labeled as the biggest womanizer in the school. He's gotten at pretty much every girl in the school. He's been rejected though by more than half of the girls in the school, and most of the girls that rejected him had boyfriends.

He is also considered to be extremely annoying by many of the students, even his own clique mates consider him annoying. He has even tried stealing some of the girls who have been betrothed to the other boys in the clique.

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