"Just remain calm, and everything will work out." -Melvin Aldridge. Melvin is a member of the Grunge Kids


Melvin is friendly, and optimistic. He is at odds with another clique member, known as Christopher Reid. Where Chris is rather depressed and cynical Melvin always looks to the brighter edge of a situation. He conveys his personal warmth to others.


Melvin is Gregory's height, 5'7", and weighs 188 pounds. He is overweight and has medium length, clean light brown hair. He wears a red flannel over his school uniform and tends to wear the light brown school slacks. Despite being overweight he is quite good looking, also to go along with his friendly nature that means a lot to people. He has bright green eyes.


Melvin grew up in a very happy, and welcomingly open family. When Melvin relocated to Bullworth he was always trying to make friends, even though he was bullied he never gave up on others and always had faith that one day everyone would get along. He's seen as a hippy of sorts.

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