"I carry a D20 on me everywhere I go!"
— Melvin O'Connor

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Melvin O'Connor is a member of the Nerds clique in Bully.

Melvin O'Connor
Clique Nerds
Gender Male
Rival Jocks
Kissable No
Missions Character Sheets
Stronghold Assault
The Big Game
Voice Actor Charlie Saxon

Character Summary

Melvin is an overweight nerd. He has light brown/blond hair that is worn combed and slightly long, and gray eyes. He wears the typical Astronomy club vest, along with light brown slacks and white shoes. He also wears oval shaped glasses. In the winter, Melvin wears an Astronomy club sweater, a dark red wool hat, and olive-colored gloves. When not wearing his hat, a pencil can be seen stuck behind his right ear.

He very much enjoys role-playing games (RPGs), chess, astronomy, and enjoys the theatre. Melvin believes that RPGs are a "high point of human achievement", and admits that he is beginning to lose touch with reality because of his obsession. Melvin is the biggest Grottos & Gremlins fan at the academy, often getting in trouble in class for playing. He speaks with an old English dialect, and frequently quotes The Jabberwocky.

His parents do not approve of his nerd traits, and he was apparently sent to Bullworth by his father in order to "make a man out of him".

Melvin, according to the game files, is second in command of the nerds, however this is not indicated in the game.

Additionally, he claims to be "Mr. Hattrick's favorite pupil".


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