• I live in London, England
  • I was born on April 22
  • I am Male
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  • I went over to Big Brudda's user page just to notice that it says that he retired from the wiki. Is it a mistake or is it actually true? And what are you going to do with the story page he created? I know it's probably not my business to know, but I was just wondering. 

    BTW, how have you been?    :)

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    • Yes he did retire from editing over at Bully Wiki. I think he is flouncing more than anything just because he was challenged on a few things and couldn't get his own way. I've been good and you?

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    • I've been good. Same old, same old.

      I'm kinda sad though that he left. I kinda wanted to see if he'll get around to writing his horror story. But oh well, I better get over it.    :P

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  • Hey Dan. 

    It's been way too long. How've you been? Anything new? You've probably shared your going-ons, but I haven't been around lately too see them...

    I hope you see this, lol.


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    • Hey Rosa :)

      Not much has been going on. I was engaged but I broke that off. I left Islam and went agnostic, but now I am starting to believe in God again but not part of any religion at the moment.


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    • Well, that's some news! Do what you gotta do man, as long as you're happy. Same goes for the religion thing, believe what feels right, y'know?

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