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This is a recreation page of the character Michael Diaz. Michael is the main character of his own series. He is the brash, hyperactive, sarcastic young character.  

Michael Diaz

A picture of Michael Diaz made on Gaia by Westside JDM


Michael is a sarcastic and brash young teenager. He grew up on the streets of California and has extensive street smarts. When he was young his stepbrother got him into MMA to get him off the streets and learn a traditional sport. While he is brash and a mischievious young man he takes MMA very seriously. What Michael lacks in school smarts he makes up for with his street smarts. He has a deep dislike for his stepdad. He'd rather live on the streets then go home and see him. Though he has a strong relationship with his sister, Danielle. He is actually quite intelligent and a great problem solver when the situation requires of it. 

His sarcasm, which is a trait that others notice, offhand, is something that he uses with absolute tradition. It does tend to get him in trouble however. Even then, he is extremely loyal to his allies and will help them. He is ruthless to those that mean to do harm to the people he loves and goes to find them and get rid go them. He is also a party animal, and is extremely charismatic.  


Michael stands at an imposing 6'2", and weighs 215 pounds, he is well muscled and athletic. He has a very athletic physique and is very physically strong in any situation. He has medium length, auburn hair and a slight tan. Many have taken note of his light blue eyes which catches the contextual appearance of his face. He is very handsome, even to the likes comparable to the heartthrob Johnny Vincent.


Growing up in Los Santos Michael's family didn't have much, they were actually derelicts for the first few years after Michael's mother divorced his dad. Michael didn't agree with the motives of his mother and started to lash out. Getting arrested, smarting off to law enforcement, fighting in school. He rebelled on all levels. When Michael's mom married his stepfather thats where it all began to get worse.

He started to get in even more trouble and hated his stepfather. When he began to train in MMA he wished to stay away from his parents and even began to live at the gym he trained at, he was very close with his coach. When he met Nicole they quickly fell for one another. He later befriended her close friend, Bradi and the three were their own group. They began to keep him out of trouble.

When it was later discovered that Michael's stepfather had a job, working for Spencer shipping in Bullworth the family relocated, and Michael left the two people that kept him on a standard level. Also his expulsion lead his parents even further to attend Bullworth.

Opinions of Other characters


Audrey San Lorenzo: "She's cute. Really nice, and an all around good person. I don't understand the rap she has around here with the others, but screw them."

Constantinos Brakus: "Annoying brat, would love to whip him."

Ginji: "Funny little guy, probably one of my favorite new kids."

Alexei Popovich: "I always thought this kid was just desperate for Audrey. He's actually really cool, we've become good friends."

Gordon Wakefield: "He once challenged me to a fight in the parking lot. Pussy never showed up."

Jordan Balesterri: "Don't really know her, she dates Ginji, though."


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