This Character Sheet was created by Silkvale

Biographical Information

Full Name: Michael Jay Diaz (Original last name Michael Jay Peterson)

Aliases: Mikey, Funny guy, Asshole

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Date of Birth: February 12th, 1994

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Family and Culture

Sherry Diaz (Mother): Sherry is Michael's mom. She is quiet and complacent and it worries Michael. She won't stand up for herself and follows the rules for which his stepfather has established. On the inside she may disagree but she never challenges his rule.

Tariq Peterson (Father): Long since divorced, and no longer a prevalent overseer of Michael's life, Tariq is of Turkish descent and still resides in the Los Santos area. He only rarely contacts his son, but keeps his observations of what goes on in his family overtly a focus. Despite not talking to them he uses his contacts in Bullworth to keep tabs on Michael, Sherry, and Danielle.

Danielle Diaz (Sister): Michael's funny, and often stubborn sister has gotten into her Freshman year of High School and is taking on many similar traits as Michael. She is hard-headed, sarcastic, and often times aggressive, even more so than her brother.

Samuel Diaz (Stepfather): Samuel and Michael have the highest disregard for one another. The two haven't really seen much of one another since Michael beat him up, and moved in with Charles Caldwell. Samuel has forced it so that Michael and his other family rarely see one another, save for Danielle at school.

Physical Description

Hair Color: Light Brown

Hair Style: Medium Length, and wavy, though clean

Eye Color: Blue

Eye Shape: Round

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 215 pounds

Build: Athletic-Muscular

Chronological Information

Pros: Nice, funny, approachable, Strategic planner, Sneaky, Confident, Social

Cons: Rude, aggressive, careless, Over-Confident

Profession: Student-Senior, Mixed Martial Artist

Ambitions: To be a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Strengths: A very good fighter, prefers to use his way with words to avoid a fight, clever, excellent strategist, Athletic

Weaknesses: Mean, will hurt others if it means coming out on top, doesn't heed rules very well, gets into altercations with law enforcement

Characteristic Breakdown

Physical Strength: 10/10 (Being a Mixed Martial Artist has added to his strength. Michael displays peak physical strength, durability, agility, and speed)

Attractive: 8/10 (Fairly good looking, though will overestimate his own charisma to that effect)

Honesty: 7/10 (Will lie to authority, but has a tendency to be brutally honest, even to the point where it comes off as rude)

Rule Abiding: 2/10 (Breaks the rules almost as a natural instinct)

Sociability: 10/10 (Very social, and even that of a party animal)

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for Attending: Facing previous expulsion from three other schools has led to Michael finally being sent here. He is a rule breaker and will waste no time in getting into trouble.

Clique: Own Self-created clique of friends

Rank: Co-Leader (Along with Charles)

Room Number: 16

Roommate: Charles Caldwell

Favorite Subject: Government Studies

Least Favorite: Math

Favorite Teacher: Ms. Philips

Least Favorite: Mr. Burton

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