"Don't believe everything you see on the internet... Abraham Lincoln said that."

This is a recreation page of the character Michael Jones. Michael is the main character of his own series. He is the brash, hyperactive, sarcastic young character.  


Extremely arrogant and quite the loudmouth Michael is the type of individual that others find it hard to get along with, much less get acquainted with. To be fair he enjoys getting on people's nerves and digging into them in that respect. Despite his brash nature he isn't a bad guy and when people get past his cocky attitude he shows a friendlier side. He isn't outright rude to anyone, and likes to have idle conversation with others, but also likes to see how far he can drive people to near insanity with his jokes, and also an endlessly annoying cackle of a laugh.

He is very loyal to those that have shown him loyalty, and will become protective of them should anything arise. One of the few ways to really make him angry is hurting someone he cares deeply for, such as his girlfriend or any of his other friends. When this happens he becomes reckless, disregarding reason, and looking to get back at those who hurt his comrades. He's not one to get angry very often, but his usual playful, loud nature becomes more stoic, and cold should he become angry.

Michael loves to get down and have fun, whether it involves alcohol, or a party. He is very hyperactive and many have considered the fact that he may have ADHD.

He is quite girl crazy and smooth with the ladies, though will overestimate his success in that department. For many girls his overconfident attitude is a turn off, and even annoying but he either doesn't care, or doesn't seem to notice.

As someone who has trained in Mixed Martial Arts since he was young Michael has the physical gifts that give him a level of confidence and makes him extremely competitive as an athlete. He naturally enjoys fights and during the duration of a fight he loves to taunt, and mock his adversary in a bid to get them angry so they'll start to become sloppier and sloppier. He also has issues staying out of trouble, finding that staying in between the lines and following rules is absolutely a bore. He thinks that acting out and causing mischief is the thing to do and is constantly on Crabblesnitch's radar.


Michael stands at an imposing 6'4", and weighs 230 pounds, he is well muscled and athletic, with long arms and very well defined legs. He has a somewhat square face, though slightly round, with a chiseled jawline, and moderately high cheekbones. Many girls at Bullworth find him to be quite good looking. Michael has Blue-Gray eyes that can be seen as rich, and open.

During school Michael will don the school uniform but usually wear track pants, or jeans as he finds the school slacks to be too douchy. He likes his clothes to be neat, and in order. During the winter time Michael will still wear the uniform but instead toss a track jacket over his already default outfit. When he isn't in school he'll lean to the more loose and fit style of clothing with t-shirts, loose fitting jeans, and green tennis shoes.


Michael was born to two talented, and renounced Taekowndo practitioners and was raised in that background. He picked up Martial Arts, and became naturally talented in it due to his lineage, and bloodline. His parents were able to get him enrolled in a private Martial Arts school but he was expelled in the 9th grade for fighting, and violating school rules on numerous occasions, the big one that sealed his fate was bringing alcohol on campus and getting plastered drunk. When his parents found out that he lacked the discipline and the capability to remain focused they requisitioned a spot for him at Bullworth so that he could obtain a sense of responsibility.

Once at Bullworth Michael did not shy away from causing issues as he became a controversial figure. He started to flirt with Mandy on numerous occasions, not really due to any romantic interest in the girl, but mostly to enrage the school's most popular guy. Ryan, seeing the promise Michael offered, adopted him as his own protege as he saw how well Michael was able to accost Ted. The two conjured up a plan to overthrow Ted from power, but what Michael failed to realize was that Ryan had motives to do the same to him and remove him from his place in the hierarchy.

Ryan and Michael's rivalry soon became one of the more notorious ones on campus as the two were constantly at one another's throats. Their competitive nature had led to them constantly working to outwork one another at every turn.

This rivalry only codified Michael's position as one of the more prominent students at the academy as he became popular for his ability to go toe-to-toe with the Jocks, and Ryan.


Love Interest(s):

Bradi McGuire: Michael and Bradi are at this time currently in a relationship. The two of them quickly became quick friends after meeting earlier in the year. Her shyness is in stark contrast to his charismatic nature, but he has come to bring out the best in her, just as she brings the best out in him.


Greg Ryder: The two have been best friends for quite a time. Greg was Michael's first friend that he made upon his arrival at the academy. They both share an interest in causing trouble, and have a similar, quirky sense of humor.

C-Money: C-Money and Michael are great friends, they bicker back and forth. C-Money's often serious traits conflict with Michael's more laid back, 'what-the-hell' attitude. When the situation requires it they both have each others backs.

Charles Caldwell: These two both arrived the same year, both became roommates, and with that are almost like family. Their bond is so close that they are almost inseparable. They have very little in common, with Michael being wild and eccentric, and Charles being more laid back, but the two became good friends based on the music they both come to enjoy.

Leroy Atlas: At first Michael didn't know what to make of Leroy. They were on uncertain terms but after surviving a fight with the Townies, one in which both came to aid one another, the two forged a bond and become good friends.

Jo Sinclair: Michael and Jo are both a lot alike, and as such have become very close friends since they met. He enjoys her daredevil antics and aims to be just as audacious as she is.

Milo Lopez: The initial opinion that Michael held for Milo was quite low, being that the two were competitors in the "flirting with girls" competition. After getting to know him Michael actually really, really likes Milo and the two have gone about causing all sorts of mischief together.


Ryan Irvin: At one time they were best friends, but that has since passed. Ryan's own manipulation has led to a wall being constructed between them. They aren't outright hostile, but one can feel the brewing tension between them when they're around each other.

Jimmy Hopkins: Jimmy and Michael have no outright contempt for one another. At one time they were almost convinced to fight one another but cooler heads were able to defuse the situation. Michael has great respect for Jimmy.

Parker Ogilvie: At one time close friends the two have since parted ways as Parker dated Bradi, and after their break-up soon Michael and Bradi began dating. They aren't adversaries, but certainly aren't friends.

Nerds: Surprisingly Michael actually gets along well with the Nerds, sure they aren't friends but every now and then he'll come in and play a game of Grottos and Gremlins with them just to pass the time.

Gregory Todd: Michael views Gregory to be a good kid. Sometimes he jokes with him. The two don't know each other very well but Michael would view him as one of the better overall kids at the academy.


Ted Thompson: Michael is sworn enemies of the Jocks, and this all started a few years back when Michael was flirting with Mandy just to upset the Jock leader. It worked, and Ted has had it in for Michael since.

Jocks: Michael is in a heated rivalry with the Jocks and at times this rivalry becomes incredibly violent as Michael teases them, and constantly finds ways to get at them.

Tad Spencer: Michael finds Tad absolutely insufferable, he hates all the Preps but he finds Tad to be the worst of the lot and goes out of his way to target him.

Malcolm Evans: These two have butted heads on a number of occasions. Malcolm is the only one to ever really give Michael a run for his money, and vice-versa. Though they've fought often, they respect each other as fighters. Prior to Michael's rivalry with the Preps the two were actually good friends, the only motivation behind their rivalry is because Derby says Michael is an enemy.

Preppies: Once on neutral terms a bottle rocket that Michael 'accidentally' shot at Tad's car, which in turn resulted in the engine being lit on fire, kickstarted a rivalry with them. Though it isn't as intense as the one he holds with the Jocks it can get up there at times.

Fighting Style

Michael is very quick on his feet for a guy his size. As a Martial Artist he is capable of reading his surroundings and positioning himself to have the advantage in most instances, even when outnumbered. He uses his powerful, quick Kickboxing when standing toe-to-toe, as well as excellent reflexes and timing to avoid his opponent's attacks. When looking to overwhelm his opponent he uses a mixture of Submission Wrestling, and Greco Roman Wrestling, in which he will pick up and slam his opponent down on the ground. Another tactic he'll use is taunting his opponents. Much like Muhammad Ali, or Anderson Silva he'll drop his hands at his waist and taunt his opponent, trying to convince them come forward and make a mistake.