Michael S. White
Michael White (School Uniform).jpg
Birthday November 12, 1993
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6
Weight 150
Clique N/A
Gender Male
Rival Derek Miller, Alucard Johnson
Affiliations Preps (Formerly), Greasers, Townies, Goths (Formerly)
Creator ShadowRoxas134
Mike White (School Uniform

"Bullworth Academy, a place you can call home. If home was a crappy school with psychopaths."- Mike White


Michael "Mike" White was born in Edison, New Jersey growing up with a mother and a father. Every Summer he would come to the town of Bullworth to visit his family. He usually hung around Lola Lombardi and her friends because they're cousins. Attending a local high school who's team was the devils. Mike was an outcast and had two best friends. Ryan Peters and Lucy Evans. Mike is a sophmore attending Bullworth Academy for violent conduct, misuse of the Fire Alarm, and Vandalism.


Mike is a relatively short fellow. Weighing in at 150 pounds and being only 5'6. Comparing to his fellow goth members he is only of average height only being taller than his friend nicknamed Salem. He has shaggy brown hair and no tan.


Mike is a relatively smart boy. But, chooses to hide his knowledge. He doesn't want to be called a nerd and become a victim of Bullying, again. He excells in History and English. Mike is also a wise ass type. Always being sarcastic amongst his peers and other students. Mike is a caring person as well. Caring for his family and his friends. Especially, Jade Simon and Salem Thompson.


David "Alucard Johnson(Enemy): Alucard as he perfers to be called leads his goth clique to success. Mike and Alucard meet in a coffee shop in Old Bullworth Vale and proves himself as loyal by beating on Johnny Vincent's boys. Alucard and Mike become enemies after Salem takes Alucard's girlfriend as his own. Alucard is defeated by Mike in the Chemical Plant and sent to Happy Volts.

Alexander "Salem" Thompson (Best Friend, Metaphoric Brother): Mike and Salem meet on his second day at Bullworth after Mike beats on Gary Smith for badmouthing his family. Mike and Salem are friends. But then become "brothers" after Mike avenges Salem by beating up Johnny Vincent at the hospital after Salem gets knocked out by Johnny in the midst of a gang war.

Juliana "Snow" Evans(Friend): Mike and Snow meet outside of the coffee shop in Old Bullworth Vale. Instantly, they become friends by being in the same clique.

Derek Miller(Enemy): Mike and Derek have been rivals since Mike's freshman year at his old school. Derek followed Mike to Bullworth to purposely make his life hell.

Jade Simon(Ex-girlfriend): Mike and Jade meet on the second day of school. Jade is a new girl. Mike and Jade have dated twice and broke up twice. Jade starts to date Derek after Halloween much to Mike's dismay. Mike still crushes on Jade even though he dates Pinky Gauthier. As of the most recent chapters Mike has a third try at dating Jade. Jade and Mike have broken up and as of current, hates him.

Amanda Marston( Girlfriend): Mike isn't really friends with Amanda as a part of being in different cliques and never really seeing eye to eye on much. Mike may or may not have a crush on Amanda. He doesn't know as of right now. Mike and Amanda start dating at the end of the first part of the Mike White story. Amanda breaks up with Mike towards the end of his second year due to him being caught kissing his other ex-girlfriend Lucy Evans.

The two got back together after Mike serenaded her with the song Thunder by Boys Like Girls.

Gary Smith(Enemy/Neutral Acquaintance): Gary and Mike were enemies for the majority of Mike's first year. Currently, they are on neutral terms and don't really acknowledge the other's existence.

Greasers(Allies): Mike was  in bad blood with the greasers. Johnny and Mike start to form an alliance during some time in the New Coventry Police Station.

Preps(Allies): Mike and the preps used to be enemies. But, dating Amanda has allowed Mike to be on neutral terms with the preps.

Alistair Blake(Friend): Alistair and Mike start off on the wrong foot. Alastair and Mike almost break out into a fight but both decide to let the other go. Mike decides Alastair is an OK guy once Alastair holds Johnny off when Mike and Johnny fight after Johnny jumps him at school.

Liz Hunter(Friend): Mike and Liz meet at the school when Liz first arrives. Liz thinks Mike is cute and wants to date him. Liz dating Alistair has given her an advantage to get to know Mike better. They end up sharing a love for Punk Music and the style.

Townies (Neutral): Towards the end of Mike's first year, he Salem and Juliana went over to the Blue Skies area to form an alliance with them to take on the preps. During Mike's second year, Edgar is arrested by the cops for drug use, and Mike is given temporary leadership until Edgar leaves jail. Due to constant arguments with Omar, the townies are divided into two groups, those that respect Mike and those that respect Omar.


Wandering around:

  • I wonder if people would look at me weird if i moon walked around Bullworth...
  • laughs to himself out loud* That was such a good show last night.
  • “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I've never agreed more...
  • Maybe i should get some twigs and play Hot for Teacher on a railing.

Conversing with others

  • Miss Abbey said i was her grandchild.
  • Small talk says Jimmy is a psychopath with intent to take over Bullworth.
  • If Christy told you anything about me, IT'S NOT TRUE, IT'S NOT!
  • This might shock you, but i think Mandy's beauty is overrated.

Response to Conversations

  • scoffs* Whatever, that's old news.
  • If it helps, we can go get some ice cream or something.
  • Well at least you're not as sad as Galloway.
  •  Quit crying and move on.


(On good terms)

  • Hey, what's up?
  • How are ya?
  • Killer shirt dude, can i borrow it?
  • Have i ever told you i always thought you were cool?

(On bad terms)

  • Who are you again?
  • You sir, are nothing more than a poser.
  • Why are YOU such a wimp?
  • yawn* You're boring.


  • Hey dork, look this way!
  • Dude, i feel so bad for you, because your you.
  • Yeah man, you're cool *laughs insanely hard* YEAH RIGHT!


  • Move loser.
  • Back up twerp.
  • How's the pavement taste?
  • Get out of my way worm.


  • Loser!
  • If only you knew your place.
  • That never gets old.
  • Little wimp, fight back.

Watching a fight

  • Blood shed, i love it.
  • I wish i could join in.
  • If you don't put up a good fight, i'mma kick both of you to the curb.

Triggered into a fight

  • I told you not to call me that.
  • What did you say about my girl?
  • Pardon you!
  • Alright, i'm gonna kill you.


  • Ha ha, you're not that tough.
  • Come closer.
  • You'll need to eat through a straw when i'm done.
  • You're gonna get pwned!

Winning a fight

  • Told you i was the best.
  • I showed i got mad skills.
  • You need some boxing lessons son. *Slaps the knocked out victim*
  • Runs around with his fists pumped* I'm number ONE!

Losing a fight(Knocked out)

  • The cow says... Bawk?
  • That sucked hard!
  • groans*
  • I don't believe it.

Chasing someone

  • I was on the freshman track team.

Out of breath

  • pant* *pant* *wheeze*
  • What... the... heck..
  • Jimmy's surpisingly fast.

Kneed in the groin

  • My babies.....
  • high pitched voice* WHY????

Starting a fight with a clique leader

  • Starting a fight with Russell Northrop: You're Big, Dumb, and could no doubt beat me into a pulp. But, I'm still going to try and take you down.
  • Starting a fight with Derby Harrington: I don't care how many illegal boxing moves you know, I'm still going to kick your ass.
  • Starting a fight with Johnny Vincent: Look man, I respect you. But someone needs to keep you in line, and I guess it's me.
  • Starting a fight with Earnest Jones: Sure, why not. I could always use a good warm-up.
  • Starting a fight with Edgar Munsen: I thought we were working together, but I guess it's time to fight.

Starting a fight with his enemies:

  • Starting a fight with Derek Miller: I always hated you.
  • Starting a fight with Ezekiel Callahan: You have a lot to answer for, you obnoxious bastard.
  • Starting a fight with Alucard Johnson: Some things I have waited too long to do.
  • Starting a fight with Jimmy Hopkins: I don't care if you're the king of the school, I'm still going to beat you.

Starting a fight with other cliques:

  • Starting a fight with Nerds: Okay, If I hear you say pwnage at anytime during this fight, I'm going to beat you twice as hard.
  • Starting a fight with Bullies: If you are such a good bully, why don't you try to intimidate me?
  • Starting a fight with Preps: You sure you want to do this twinkle? You might get your shirt all dirty.
  • Starting a fight with Greasers: Johnny and I are on the same side, idiot.
  • Starting a fight with Jocks: Are you sure you can handle me without using your steroids?
  • Starting a fight with Townies: Look man, we're on the same side. But if you want to fight, let's do this.


  • Mike can be seen hanging out with Jade, Salem, or Snow.
  • Mike will sometimes wander around humming Simple Plan.
  • Mike's favorite Simple Plan songs are I'm just a kid, Addicted, Thank You, Jump, and God must hate me.
  • Mike will sometimes converse with the non clique kids.
  • Mike will sometimes talk to Algie.
  • Mike's Halloween costume is a ninja.
  • The fastest way to have Mike on your side is to shoot off a Volcano 4,000 at Derby or Johnny.
  • Mike's middle name is Seamus, he was named after his great-grandfather on his Mother's side.

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