""Being the best is a hard job.""
— Mike Glenn

Mike Glenn is an Original Character created by Lilww3.

Mike Glenn
Mike Glenn Yearbook
Mike Glenn
Birthday April ,27 1988
Aliases Big Mike
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 6'9
Weight 210 lb.
Clique Jocks
Status Captain of the Wrestling team

Tackle on the football team

Gender Male
Family Amanda Glenn(Mother)

Kelsey Glenn(Sister)
Aaron Glenn(Brother)

Hometown Milton, Georgia
Nationality African American
Rival Damon West

Ted Thompson

Affiliations Jocks
Kissable No
Missions /
Creator Lilww3

Character Description

Mike has brown hair styled into dreads that reaches the upper part of his back and wears a bandana to keep it up, he also has dark brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, and chin hair.

Mike wears a form fitting Bullworth long-sleeved light tan-ish XXL shirt and over this he has a letter man, he also wears dark gray sweatpants, a finger-less glove on one hand, a wristband on the other and sneakers that compliment his overall outfit. During wrestling practice and matches, he always ties up his dreads into a bun, Mike doesn't like to do it since it gives his opponents something to grab on, but it's rules that he has to follow.

In the winter, he buttons up his letter man, switches his bandana and his black glove for a black beanie and olive drab mittens.

Mike's pajamas consists of him wearing only gyms shorts and exposing his upper body.

For Halloween, Mike dresses up as a sexy fireman with a fireman's hat, pants with red suspenders attached, and black boots.

Mike strives to have a good physique and loves to flaunt it to his teammates and other students. He has a huge diet and often requests that Edna give him 3 plates of food. He participates in extreme workouts during his free time with his younger sister.


On first glance, Mike seems like the "gentle giant" but after getting to know him, he acts like a normal jock ,but is also focused on his schoolwork and manages to make good grades. He expects his younger siblings to behave and try not to intervene in their personal relationships, Aaron however comes to him for money, gets a speech from Mike, yet he always ends up giving Aaron money anyway. However, he considers Aaron and Kelsey "his property" and is always quick to fight for them.

Mike tries to stay on his best behavior, but he does participate in the bullying that plaques Bullworth and is usually bailed out by Burton when he gets in trouble.

He doesn't love Bullworth, but he doesn't hate it ,he's actually quite content with it. He doesn't associate with anyone out of his own clique, but he does fight with the other cliques and can hold his own most of the time, but he deals with his own battles in the clique considering Ted only uses him for the football team and Damon doesn't want him anywhere around Ted because he claims that Mike is "coming for his spot".

Home Life/Background/Etc

Mike was raised in Milton,Georgia with his younger siblings, he was a very active and rowdy child which helped mold him into the person today. He constantly was protective over his siblings and got into many fights and arguments trying to defend them.

Upon moving to Bullworth, Mike almost wasn't able to attend Bullworth by Crabblesnitch assuming he was an adult. When school started, Mike automatically sought out any students who looked like they belonged to sports teams, after his first week he was already ready to try out for football and wrestling. He became the captain after the old one graduated the year before.

Mike was the quickest out of his siblings to settle into Bullworth Academy and already started from the top.


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