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Not to be confused with the Guerrillas another military themed clique created by Westside JDM.

"There can only be one military in this school, and it will be us!"
— Jackson James

The Militia is a clique created by Westside JDM.

The Militia's signature tag
Leader: Jackson James
Second in Command: Armani Walker
Hierarchy Position: Above Bullies
Rival(s): Guerrillas
Felony Fighters
Main Hangout: Junkyard

Clique Summary

They aren't anything like the guerrillas, they actually enjoy bullying, They especially enjoy bullying and harassing the various couples around the academy, such as scaring them when they are sitting down together. They also are all extremely desperate for girlfriends, despite they bully those who have girlfriends. They are also blood rivals with the guerrillas, but their fighting skills are extremely lacking, and they typically resort to cheap shots, such as going for the face, the ribs, throat, shins, and below the belt. They all are also extremely immature, usually referencing people's mothers in their insults.

When they see a happy couple, if it's somebody they deem weaker than them, they are likely to go and harass them,


They are a relatively feared clique, by the couples in the academy that can't defend themselves, and by some of the smaller cliques that nobody really knows about, But they aren't as prominent as their #1 rival clique, the guerrillas.

Clique Members

Picture Name Description
Jackson James


Jackson is the clique leader, He is brash, and extremely immature. He is also extremely desperate for a girlfriend. He is rivals with Rogelio Alvarado. He has some brutish strength, but he is surely lacking in fighting skills, for he typically utilizes cheap shots.
Armani Walker


Armani claims his dad is a marine, He actually has some fighting skills, and could very well become the leader of the clique. He's generally a rude person, who enjoys causing pain for others.
Harold Knackert


Harold a cruel person, who enjoys exposing the deepest darkest secrets of many people, He's also one of the biggest sociopaths in the school, and usually plays psychological games.
Artur Sokov
Artur Sokov The arch rival of Andrei Mishnev, He fights by copying his opponent's fighting style, He is probably the most skilled fighter in his clique, despite his deceiving way of fighting.
Assad Kassab


Assad is a kick boxer, with potential. He is fast, and he is able to engage any prep in a fight, and be able to win. He learns all of his kick boxing skills from his dad, who was a part time professional kick boxer.
Scott Sullivan


Scott fights with dirty Jiu-Jitsu moves, and isn't afraid to knock someone out by choking them. He's also an extreme pathological liar
Diego Iglesias


Diego is a really a good person, who's in the wrong clique, he really thought he was joining the guerrillas, but he really joined the Militia, he's recently realized that he's really with a bunch of military posers, and that a Militia isn't a true military.
Mitsuo Kishikawa


He secretly works for the guerrillas, and the Militia doesn't know this. He reports to Rogelio everything the Militia plans, and Jackson is too stupid to realize that one of his clique mats is secretly spying on them.

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