"Don't mess with us. "
— Misha Melanich

The Misfits are a clique of street kids created by Westside JDM. They are lead by the slick and crafty Misha Melanich


Leader: Misha Melanich
Second in Command: Carlos Carmona
Hierarchy Position: None
Rival(s): Everyone
Main Hangout: Alleyways in Bullworth Town

Clique Summary

The clique consists of a bunch of tough street kids, who are extremely tough. They don't believe in hierarchy, as they consider them bullshit, they also have a rivalry with almost every clique in the school.

However, they are a feared clique, who are capable of bullying any student, including the jocks.

They also are street fighters, who are capable of taking on Felony Fighters, and possibly coming out on top.

Lastly, they are a clique always looking for a good fight

Clique Hierarchy

Again, they are a feared clique, who have no belief in hierarchy. However, they don't fight you unless you give them a reason to, or you provoke them.


Image Name Description
Misha Melanich
Misha Melanich The crafty and sneaky leader of the clique has came to make his own clique of misfits. He is ruthless and sadistic, and he hits very hard. Not many people have been able to best Misha in a fight. He is also implied to be a sociopath.
Carlos Carmona
Carlos Carmona Carlos is a very tough street kid. He is ruthless and lacks morals. He also is a liar, who knows what he's doing. However, he is a talented boxer who is capable of defeating Jocks and Felony Fighters alike. He is also known for finishing his opponents off with knee drops on the neck.
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris Jalen is another tough and ruthless street kid. He is very swift and he is a profound liar. Lastly, he always says mean things to people, and is a vicious bully, despite formerly being in the Bullies' clique.
Hoon Ryong Hailing from the ghetto of Seoul, he is a very tough kid, who isn't afraid to injure somebody in a fight. He is sadistic and mean, and very hard hitting.
Jamal Jackson Jamal is the tallest of the group, standing at 6'4. He is built like a B-52, and he is a deadly fighter, who delivers brutal punches, and swift kicks.
Rusty Schultz
Oscar Ramirez
Andres Ortega
Jae Cheong
Lamar Wright
Jayden Taylor Jayden is the type of person who doesn't hold back when he's angry. He instantly goes from anger to attacking. He is usually thought of as being the psychopath between him and Hayden. He faces his foes head on, and displays an inhumane amount of physical toughness.
Hayden Taylor Hayden, unlike Jayden is a manipulative sociopath, and a no-morals street fighter, who throws dangerous combinations and dodges like a professional boxer. He is capable of tiring his foes out when fighting, due to his stamina.
Dhruv Haldar Dhruv is a quiet and unsuspecting individual who can dual wield knives. He is not afraid to traumatize his rivals, and is fully capable of doing it.

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