"I know I always talk about my grandchildren... But I'm not sure that I have any."
— Miss Abby

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Miss Abby is an elderly Townsfolk member in Bully.

Miss Abby
Clique Townsfolk
Gender Female
Family Possible Grandchildren (Unknown)
Kissable No
Voice Actor Stephanie Hepburn

Character Summary

Miss Abby is frail and has a rather hunched back. She usually wears a baby blue gown under a white apron and pink slippers. In her white hair, she has pink hair curlers. In the winter, she simply adds a baby blue jacket. She claims to be in her seventies.

She appears to suffer from some sort of senile dementia, as she often forgets her name and who her grandchildren are, as well as if she even has grandchildren. She also often talks about having varicose veins, and a bad knee. She lives in the Tenements in New Coventry, and is very poor. She asks Jimmy to escort her to the Tenements on an errand. According to one of the townswomen, she even eats dog food.

Often, Miss Abby refers to Jimmy as her grandson, though she confuses his name with 'Tommy', as well as claiming 'all of her grandchildren' are enrolled at Bullworth. She knows Gary Smith's mother, and has a negative opinion of her, as well as a negative opinion on the Greasers, who she complains play their music too loud.


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