Reacting to Bike Trick

  • Oh my! That was amazing!
  • Please, be careful!

Failed Bike Trick

  • Are you okay, child?!
  • You need to be more careful!

Bragging After Winning Fight

  • Who wants a piece of grandma?!
  • This is my house!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • I'm sorry, dear!
  • Oh, huh huh, look at me, I'm so clumsy today!
  • I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there!

Unfriendly Terms

  • You need to be more mindful of where you are going!
  • Of all my grandchildren, I like you the least!
  • You are supposed to give way to your elders!
  • Hey! I just had my knee fixed!
  • You are so rude!
  • You little miscreant!
  • No supper for you tonight!

BUMPRIC (Unsure what these files are for.)

  • (Yelling) Watch where you're going!
  • What, are you crazy?!
  • That was very dangerous!

BUMPROC (Unsure what these files are for.)

  • Why would you hassle an old lady like this?
  • Is grandma going to have to spank your little tushie to get you out of the way?!

Bumped Into by Vehicle

  • (Yelling) You are an awful person!
  • (Yelling) I just had that knee replaced!
  • (Yelling) Ooh, I'm going to tell your mother about your behavior, young man!

Saying Goodbye

  • I have to go bake some cookies, I'll talk to ya later.
  • I have an appointment with that handsome doctor of mine.
  • Your grandma's getting tired; I have to go!

Comments on Carnival

  • I don't think that was such a great idea with my heart condition!
  • That was as old and rickety as my cousin Harold!

Calling for Help

  • (Yelling) Help me! I think he's gonna try and hurt me!
  • (Yelling) Could you please give me a hand with this little creep?!


  • You come back here right now!
  • You're in trouble, mister!

Hidden From

  • I'm not going over there, you come back here!
  • You know I can't go there!

Out of Breath

  • (Panting) O-Oh my, I didn't think I could (more panting) run, that long...!

Wandering Around

  • My doctor has such gentle hands.
  • I wonder where I am.
  • What was I supposed to do today?
  • Is my name Abby? I-I think it's Abby...
  • Did I take my medication already?
  • My doctor is so handsome and smart! I wonder why he's never taken a bride. Maybe that roommate of his with the leather pants is scaring off the ladies.


Initiating Conversation

  • I was talking to Edna the other day...
  • Anywho...


  • My friend Irene over the phone just told me they arrested our paper boy!
  • I don't care for the boys in the leather jackets too much; they play their Victrolas too loud!
  • I think I saw one of those boys from Bullworth sneaking through my yard last night!
  • My doctor is so handsome! But he's never taken a bride! I wonder why that is.
  • That Officer Monson is such a dapper man!
Chapter 1
  • I'm so proud of my grandson, Jimmy! Wait, was his name Tommy? I can't remember... What were we talking about?
Chapter 2
  • My grandson is going to be boxing in the big match! I wish he wouldn't, it's so dangerous!
Chapter 3
  • That Lola is a floozy if you ask me!
Chapter 4
  • I always see young men coming in and out of that Hattrick place! I hope he's not up to any tomfoolery!
Chapter 5
  • I know my Timmy couldn't be responsible for all this. Or is his name Tommy? No, Jimmy! No, I think it's Jaime...
Chapter 6
  • I never liked that Gary! He's no good! Just like his mother!

Reacting to a Rumor

  • You don't say!
  • (Gasping) Oh my!
  • That's impossible!
  • I don't believe you!

Ambient Conversation

  • I'm so forgetful, sometimes!
  • I didn't actually create the recipe from my rhubarb pie! I took it from Dottie, who passed away four years ago!
  • Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind!
  • I know I always talk about my grandchildren... But I'm not sure that I have any.
  • All of my grandchildren go to school at Bullworth Academy.
  • My rhubarb pie has won the Bullworth Bake-Off three years in a row!
  • Even though I'm seventy, my doctor tells me I have the varicose veins of a sixty-eight year old!

ConvPR (Unknown that this is for)

  • Grandma is so proud of you!
  • You're my little angel!
  • Bless your little heart!
  • I'm sure it will be okay...
  • I don't like to hear you talk like that!
  • You shouldn't say such thing to a grandma!
  • You are just like your father!
  • The kids today! So ill-mannered!
  • This kind of stuff never happened in my day!
  • What did the world come to today?!
  • Everyone is so self-centered these days!
Asking Question to Start Ambient Conversation
  • Have you ever been to the old Observatory? I kissed my first boy there!
  • Have you seen a football game yet? My grandson's on the team!
  • Have I shown you the varicose veins on my thigh yet?
  • Did you pick up my medication yet? Y-You do pick it up for me, right?
Replying to Question
  • Of course I have.
  • Sometimes when no one is looking!
  • I would never do that!
  • It offends me that you would ask such a thing!
End Ambient Conversation
  • Goodbye, dear.
  • You be careful, now!
  • Make sure you visit me soon, okay?


  • Ooh, what a disgrace!

Threatened/Don't Hit

  • Be nice to your old grandma!
  • (Yelling) I'm old, and I can't take much more of this!
  • Stop it!


  • Come on, bring it, sonny-boy!
  • I'm so medicated I don't feel a thing!
  • This is the most alive I've felt in years!
  • You're fighting an old lady, how pathetic are you?!

Before Attacking

  • Let me pull out my dentures and we can get it on!
  • I guess I'm gonna have to put you over my knee!
  • Prepare for tough love!

Kicked in the Nuts

  • Why would you kick an old lady?!

Spit On

  • Yugh...! You have no manners!

Beaten Up/Knocked Out

  • I don't think I can get up...
  • There goes my knee again...
  • I think my doctor is right... I am getting too old for this...
  • I would've won if it wasn't for my cataracts...
  • Just give me my medication and I will be alright...
  • I can't feel my legs...

Watching a Fight

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • Two men enter, one man leaves!
  • Kick him in the groin!

Suprised to Notice a Fight

  • Ooh, my stars!
  • Who would do this thing?!

Reacting to Freak Show

  • That reminds me of my uncle Duane (or Dwayne)

Giving a Gift

  • Who's been a good boy?


  • Hello, there.
  • Good day!
  • It's so nice to see you!

Surprised to Receiving Help

  • Listen up!
  • Pay attention!

Asking for Help

  • Why don't you help your dear old grandma?
  • I could really use a hand!

Talking About her Home

  • The building I live in just got condemned! Everyone is out on the street! It's awful.
  • Thank you so much young man!

Being Indignant

  • Why would you do that to a grandmother?
  • You awful child!
  • Did your mother ever teach you manners?

Wanting Payback

  • Ooh, I'm going to get him!


Low Faction

  • You are so needy.
  • What do you want?! Grandma's busy.
  • Leave me alone!

High Faction

  • Well, if it isn't my favorite grandchild!
  • Oh my, you keep getting more and more handsome!
  • Come give grandma some sugar!


  • You'd never have made it in my day!
  • Kiss my tuchus!
  • A miserable year, you should have!
  • A plague, on you!
  • You rotten little man!
  • Shmendrick!


  • I shall beat you with a wooden spoon if you continue this!
  • Go! Get me a switch, so I can beat you!
  • I'm gonna tear your buttock! (Or 'butt off', needs confirmation.)
  • You need a spanking!

Insulting Clothes

  • Look at you, dressed in rags!

Insulting Hair

  • Young men shouldn't wear their hair like that!

Insulting Pants

  • Come on! Go put on better pants for grandma!

Insulting Shoes

  • You should wear better shoes!

Insulting Shirt

  • That isn't the shirt grandma bought you!

Insulting Tattoo

  • In my day, only sailors and convicts had tattoos.

Insulting Hat/Headpiece

  • Take off that awful hat!

Not Intimidated by Taunt

  • Leave your grandmother alone.
  • I don't have time for your nonsense right now.
  • Oh my, you're so desperate for attention.
  • Child, go play with your friends.

TAUNRES (Unknown what this is for)

  • Mind your manners!
  • Shut! Your! Trap!
  • You shouldn't talk to a lady like that!
  • You little potty mouth!
  • I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap!
  • What, do you get your rocks off picking on old ladies?

Leading the Way

  • Come on! Follow your old grandma!
  • This way!

When Jimmy goes the Wrong Way

  • Stop wasting my time!
  • You are going the wrong way!

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