"Nothing like the healing power of music to soothe the soul!"
— Miss Peters

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Miss Peters is the Music teacher at Bullworth Academy in Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Miss Peters
Miss Peters
Clique Faculty
Status Music Teacher
Gender Female
Affiliations Christmas Pageant
Kissable No
Missions Nutcrackin'
Voice Actor Saida Arrika Ekulona

Character Summary

Music class Peters Jimmy

Miss Peters watching over Jimmy Hopkins' music class.

Miss Peters is plump and voluptuous, and has darkly tanned skin, and brown hair that is braided and styled in an up-do bun. She appears to be of mixed race. She usually wears a tie-dye shirt with a Mandelbrot fractal in the center, a dark skirt, and nylons. She has a very flexible torso, and a leg twitch that is seen in Nutcrackin'.

Best described as a hippie, Miss Peters is very laid back and has a free-spirited personality. When referred to as a hippie by Jimmy, she took no offense. She talks about free love and mother nature, and has an interest in incense. She may be vegan, as she mentions wanting to convince Edna to add a vegan menu. Despite all of this, Miss Peters is not above blackmail and threatening, as she does both of these to Jimmy in order to get him to perform in her Christmas Pageant. When agitated, she falls into the 'sassy black woman' stereotype.


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