"Children are like dogs! They only learn through frequent punishment."
— Mr. Hattrick

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Mr. Hattrick is the Math teacher at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Mr. Hattrick
Mr. Hattrick
Clique Faculty
Status Math Teacher (Fired)
Gender Male
Family Unseen Wife - Wife, Deceased
Rival Mr. Galloway
Kissable No
Missions Welcome to Bullworth
Hattrick vs. Galloway
Glass House
Cheating Time
Voice Actor Charles Turner

Character Summary

Mr. Hattrick is black, and significantly overweight. His brown hair is cut very short, and is not in any particular style. It is graying at his temples. He is forty-eight years old. Usually, Mr. Hattrick wears a navy suit with a baby blue collared shirt. In the winter, he simply buttons his suit closed.


Mr. Hattrick in the small clearing between the Gym area and the Observatory.

Self-righteous and tyrannical, Mr. Hattrick is described on the Bully Facebook as being the teacher students 'love to hate' and 'hate to love'. He generally dislikes the students, and his colleagues at Bullworth. He believes that students should be punished often and severely, and he can be heard advocating for the legalization of capital punishment in schools. Mr. Hattrick dislikes well behaved students as well, such as Sheldon, whom he refers to as a 'twerp'. He takes Beatrice's diary when he sees her writing in it during class, and planned to read it to the students the next day.

He seems to have a grudge against Mr. Galloway, and frequently berates him for his alcoholism and for drinking on school grounds. Mr. Galloway in turn claims that his alcholism is due to stress caused by Mr. Hattrick harassing him for years. Mr. Hattrick even guilt trips Mr. Galloway into committing himself into the Happy Volts Asylum to get dried out in Chapter 4. Around town, Mr. Hattrick has a poor reputation. Ms. Philips, Ms. Danvers, Edna, and Miss Abby do not like him.

Hattrick Test Sell Justin

Mr. Hattrick selling tests to Justin Vandervelde.

Despite being self-righteous, Mr. Hattrick is corrupt and sells advanced copies of tests to the sons of his rich friends to sell to other students, and then give Mr. Hattrick a cut of their earnings. He is old money, and has a manor in Old Bullworth Vale (that has a sign that misspells his name as 'Hatrick'). After being caught doing this by Jimmy, who then provides Dr. Crabblesnitch with photographic evidence, he is fired.

Pedro claims that Mr. Hattrick used to be a sniper in Korea, in the same place where the Hobo's platoon was shot by friendly fire. Additionally, his wife committed suicide, though it is unknown when. Mr. Hattrick claims she never understood him.


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