"Wish the boss would give me some credit. The guys all love me... why can't the boss?!"
— Mr. Johnson

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Mr. Johnson is a member of the Townsfolk in Bully.

Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson
Clique Townsfolk
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Todd Pistone

Character Summary

Mr. Johnson can be seen wearing an army green beanie along with a gray, unbuttoned flannel shirt over a blue turtleneck. He wears gray pants and boots that appear to be worn out.

He works at the docks in Blue Skies and has for many years. Due to his hard work and diligent money-saving, he and his family are apparently well off. He has a very positive work ethic and becomes frustrated with those who do not have a work ethic similar to his. He fails to understand why people do not like to work. According to him, he gets along well with his coworkers and is similar to 'the boss'. He appears to be a bit jealous of his boss and wanting to take their place.

Mr. Johnson is a firm believer in the idea that kids and teenagers are both arrogant and lazy, and that they don't know the value of hard work. He dislikes Bullworth Academy as a result of this, as he blames it for bringing both kids and teens into the town—that each year the academy brings in 'another set of snotty kids to annoy the whole town'. He also believes that the teachers at the academy are not very good, and wonders if they teach the students to skip school and vandalize. When a BMX trick performed, he screams out it is a waste of time and urges the performer to get a job.

Additionally, Mr. Johnson often mentions the "strike of '87" and how great it was. He believes that workers are treated poorly and that no one wants to fight and stand up for workers' beliefs.

He has a tendency to show off as he lifts lobster crates over his head to show his strength. He mentions that he has to remember his wife's birthday "this year", suggesting he forgot a previous year. He is a football fan and claims to have a very short temper.

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