"I used to have crabs in my bathtub!"
— Mr. Martin

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Mr. Martin is a member of the Townsfolk in Bully.

Mr. Martin
Mr Martin
Clique Townsfolk
Gender Male
Family Wade Martin - Son UNKNWN

Christy Martin - Daughter UNKNWN

Affiliations Miss Kopke - Mistress
Kissable No

Character Summary

Mr. Martin has an auburn buzzcut and brown eyes. He is seen wearing a white button down shirt paired with black trousers, and black sneakers. In the winter, he simply adds a brown sports jacket.

Not only does Mr. Martin hate life, he also thinks of himself as a jerk. He can often be heard warning the youth of Bullworth to not end up like him.

His dialogue suggests that he's having financial issues, and is constantly switching jobs. Nonetheless, he is the owner of a seafood restaurant in Old Bullworth Vale, specializing in crabs, and socializes with the townsfolk who frequent Old Bullworth Vale. It is suggested he lives there, as well.

He is currently having an affair with Miss Kopke. Mr. Buckingham, Miss Kopke's husband, sends Jimmy Hopkins after the two to photograph them kissing as evidence of her cheating on him. They are seen kissing outside the In-N-Out Motel.

Additionally, Mr. Martin is seen looking at the illicit pictures of Mandy in Old Bullworth Vale. Once Jimmy covers it up, he can be heard saying he is glad his wife did not see him looking at them.

It is widely believed that Mr. Martin is the father of both Wade Martin and Christy Martin. His dialogue matches up to theirs, and they share a similar hair color.


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