"I've never been a fan of caring for children."
— Mrs. McRae

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Mrs. McRae is the nurse at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Nurse McRae
Nurse McRae
Clique Faculty
Status School Nurse
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Susan Blommaert

Character Summary

Mrs. McRae is slightly hunchbacked, and has gray hair. She appears to be in her sixties or early seventies, and usually wears a nurse uniform, glasses on a string, and black pumps. In the winter, she adds a blue scarf.

Like Dr. Slawter, Mrs. McRae is very morbid and speaks of the inevibility of death. She dislikes children and caring for them, and uses medical-themed insults such as 'vegetable' and 'mental patient'. A beta version of her found on Tyler Wilson's art book was named 'Danica'.


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