"I am appalled! I am outraged. Somebody should be caned!"
— Mrs. Peabody

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Mrs. Peabody is the Girls' Dorm hall monitor at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Mrs. Peabody
Mrs. Peabody
Clique Faculty
Status Girls' Dorm Hall Monitor
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Paparazzi
Panty Raid
Voice Actor Flo Salent

Character Summary

Peabody Girls Dorm

Mrs. Peabody in the Girls' Dorm.

Mrs. Peabody has a pinched face, and black hair that she wears back in a plain bun. She wears Coke-bottle glasses, an old fashioned white blouse, and a long brown skirt. In the winter, she wears a thicker skirt, along with a cardigan.

She is strict about rules and believes that all rule violations should be treated as equally bad. Often, Mrs. Peabody can be heard thinking to herself that she needs to punish students with more force and less compassion, as she believes she has become soft over the years. She says she does not feel much joy in life, her last time being happy having been when she was five years old, and considers this to be unfortunate.

Appearing to be old-fashioned in her ways, Mrs. Peabody believes that the school's dress code is too casual and that the female students should wear long black skirts. She worries that some students are thinking about having sex.

Peabody Artwork

Official artwork of Mrs. Peabody punishing an unnamed male student.

Mrs. Peabody feels she is protecting the female students at Bullworth and dislikes boys in general (she considers Gary Smith and 'most boys' to be a problem) and wishes that Bullworth were an all girls school. She even admits to punishing male students unfairly and believes that at all times a boy is harassing an 'innocent female student', and regrets not spanking a boy who had squeezed a girl's butt.

She also believes that the Jocks are conspiring to climb into the girls' dorm via a ladder and are planning to pull a prank to embarrass the female students, and claims that some of the Nerds have stolen some of the girls' shoes. Additionally, Mrs. Peabody is under the impression that 'Frat boys' wear face masks during the night, possibly referencing the Preps, and that the Greasers do 'evil things' in the Tenements.

She appears to have a soft spot for Johnny Vincent, as she claims he is not the same since Jimmy Hopkins "destroyed him".

In the Girls' Dorm, she is constantly heard scolding the girls and reminding them to clean, do their homework, and refrain from 'foolishness'.

Some fans speculate that she may be the Home Economics teacher, though this is unconfirmed.


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