"Students are reminded that ridiculous haircuts reflect badly; not only on themselves, but on the academy as a whole."
— Ms. Danvers

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Ms. Danvers is the secretary at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Ms. Danvers
Ms. Danvers
Clique Faculty
Status Secretary
Gender Female
Affiliations Dr. Crabblesnitch
Voice Actor Lori Funk

Character Summary

Ms. Danvers is a middle aged woman with short brown hair. Her appearance is styled much like a typical secretary of the 1950's. She wears a black women's suit with a pale gray blouse underneath and dark heels. In her ears, she wears pearl earrings. In an earlier version of her game model, she wore much more make-up.

Danvers welcome Jimmy 02

Ms. Danvers welcoming Jimmy to the school.

She is extremely devoted to Dr. Crabblesnitch and her job. Gossip heard from the student suggests the two are in a secret romantic relationship, though the nature of her feelings towards him are unknown. She may view him as a love interest, a role model, or something else.

She generally dislikes the students of Bullworth Academy, particularly Jimmy Hopkins. Her favorite student is Sheldon Thompson. She also regularly makes announcements over the school intercom, and becomes very irritated when a student pulls the fire alarm.

Her dialogue implies she was not always so prim and proper.

Danvers makeup

An earlier version of Ms. Danvers with significantly more make-up.

She may have been named 'Miss Winston' in an earlier version of the game.


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