Notice: This page includes unused dialogue.

Bike Tricks

Seeing Successful Trick

  • You'll break your neck like that!
  • Stop that immediately!

Seeing Failed Trick

  • Maybe that'll teach you not to be reckless!
  • I could have told you that would happen.

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Be careful!
  • Look where you're going!
  • Don't be such a child.

Unfriendly Terms

  • You are out of control!
  • Why can't you be more careful?!
  • Oof!
  • Will you stop bothering me?!
  • I'm busy.
  • Stop this silliness!
  • I don't have time for you.

BUMPRIC (Unknown)

  • I'm in a hurry here!
  • Could you move it?!
  • Idiot!

BUMPROC (Unknown)

  • Do you have to just stand there?!
  • Would you get out of here you little monster?!

Hit by Vehicle

  • You just don't care, do you?!
  • I better not have broken anything! I have to get to work!
  • Are you trying to murder me?!

Busting Someone

  • Stop struggling!
  • You'll learn your place yet!
  • You'll see what Dr. Crabblesnitch has to say!
  • You are in real trouble now, young man!
  • You will be disciplined!
  • A good spanking would do you a world of good!

Saying Goodbye

  • Dr. Crabblesnitch needs me.
  • That will be all, Hopkins.
  • I have to go make some tea for Dr. Crabblesnitch.

Calling for Help

  • Somebody stop this mad child!
  • Someone help me with this thug!


  • Stop right there!
  • You won't get away!

Escaped From

  • This is not the end of this!
  • Come back here!

Out of Breath

  • (Heavy panting) It's... too much... (more panting)


  • When he looks into my eyes, I just get so weak in the knees...
  • Don't forget to get more tea for Dr. Crabblesnitch.
  • Will he ever notice my devotion?
  • I wonder if I'll have another one of those dreams tonight...
  • He's so strong... So commanding... So brilliant... Oh!
  • Don't the students appreciate what Dr. Crabblesnitch is doing for them...?! ...Probably not.


  • It's just so typical for these... these animals!
  • Something should be done! I'm sure the good doctor will agree with me!


  • Now... what's all this...?


  • You're a credit to the school!
  • You've done Bullworth proud!


Beginning Conversation

  • B-Before I forget...
  • Oh, yes, there's another thing...

Ambient Conversation

  • Apparently he got nominated for an international prize for his educational theories.
  • They were discussing locking delinquent students in their rooms... God, I hope that happens.
  • I don't trust her. She's trying to seduce the good doctor. I'm certain of it.
  • Oh, he's been drinking again, I'm certain of it! Someone should really talk to that man.
  • I've been working here late quite frequently these days. There's just so much to do!
  • They say that corporal punishment and discipline is good for the soul. I very much agree.
  • I've been working extra hard recently. Being pushed to the limit. It's very fulfilling.
  • He always says such wonderful things! I feel I learn so much from listening!
  • He told me that I'd really been impressing him recently! My heart almost skipped a beat!
  • I misplaced the files so that awful child got suspended. All for the best of Bullworth, of course!
Chapter 1
  • The discipline is going to be very tight this year. I've been personally assured.
Chapter 2
  • The Harrington fund has made another big donation to Bullworth. They're such a fine family!
Chapter 3
  • Apparently some children have been caught throwing snowballs at their teachers. It's dreadful.
Chapter 4
  • The pictures are everywhere! What was that little hussie thinking?!
Chapter 5
  • The students are being very good it seems! I think the advanced educational theories are really paying off.
Chapter 6
  • I believe it's all the doing of that Hopkins child! He's a dreadful character.

Asking a Question

  • Did you ever read the school disciplinarian? It's quite inspiring.
  • Have you ever gotten one of those little brats expelled?
  • Have you ever dedicated yourself fully to serve a genius? It's very fulfilling.
  • Did you ever love someone from afar, knowing they'd never truly see you for who you are?

Answering a Question

  • I'd never consider such a thing!
  • I have to ask Dr. Crabblesnitch first.
  • Why I'd never thought it possible!
  • I couldn't say.

Responding to a Rumor

  • Something should be done!
  • I'll have to bring that up at the next staff meeting.
  • Thank you for letting me know.
  • How dreadful!

CONVNP (Unknown)

  • Sometimes I just don't think I can satisfy him!
  • I was two minutes late with the tea! I felt awful!
  • I worry I'm too friendly to the children sometimes!
  • I mislaid my copy of the school disciplinarian and now I don't just know what to read at bedtime!


  • Hm. Can't say I'm sympathetic.
  • I only concern myself with Dr. Crabblesnitch's needs.
  • Discipline is always the best answer!
  • A good cup of tea is never wrong, I always say.
  • I'm sure the good doctor what approve!
  • How encouraging!
  • Hmm, I see! Very well, then.

CONVNS (Unknown)

  • Bullworth would be a great school if it weren't for all those awful kids.
  • The principal's office just doesn't get the respect it is due, it's quite shocking!
  • Those little brats are kissing and doing other horrible things! I just know it.
  • They all deserve a good spanking! All of them!

Ending Conversation

  • I have something to do for Dr. Crabblesnitch!
  • Duty calls!
  • Goodbye!


  • Oh, my!

Don't Hit

  • Stop that immediately!
  • Have you no manners?!
  • Cut that out, now!


  • I'll have you expelled!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch will hear of this!
  • You are a monster!
  • You will be disciplined!

Spit On

  • O-Ohh.. a-ahhh! Oh!

Initiating Fight

  • Why you ruffian!
  • This will be reported!
  • Stop that immediately!

Beaten/Knocked Out

  • Dr. Crabblesnitch, where are you?
  • This is... shocking.
  • How could you?!
  • I need the doctor...
  • Discipline is completely gone...
  • Something must be done...

Watching a Fight

  • You brutes! Stop it!
  • You should be beaten for this!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch will not be pleased!

Surprised to Notice a Fight

  • What is this?!
  • Why, who did that?!

Disapproves of Fight

  • Stop that nonsense immediately!
  • Quit with your antics! Now!

Given Gift

  • Very good, Hopkins.
  • Hm. It's only right.
  • Very good, then.

Giving a Gift

  • Here you go.


  • Hello!
  • Yes!
  • Uh, may I help you?

Requesting Help

  • Hopkins. I need you to do something for me.
  • Don't let it go to your head, but, I need your help.

Reacting to Receiving Help

  • It is very important to Dr. Crabblesnitch that this gets done right.
  • I'm only going to explain this once.

Being Indignant

  • Insubordination!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch will hear of this!
  • Oh, no you didn't!


  • I always knew you were a failure!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch was right about you!
  • You should be ashamed of yourself!


Short Laugh

  • Ahhahahahahahahaha... oh...

Long Laugh

  • Ohhohohohohohohohoho...

Office Greeting

  • Yes? May I help you?
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch is busy.
  • You may wait quietly. Very quietly.
  • Hopkins, is it? Very good.
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch does not have time to see you.

Seeing Vandalism while in Office

  • What do you think you're doing?!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch! This child is out of control!
  • Stop that you monster!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch! Help me!

PA Announcements

  • Students are reminded not to stuff other students in the lockers, and if they do, to please remember to let them out again!
  • Your attention please, Bullworth Academy is not a dating service. Students are to keep their dirty hands to themselves at all times.
  • Students are reminded that tampering with fire extinguishers is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.
  • Bullworth students, please remember that garbage cans are not an appropriate place to put a fellow student.
  • Students. Spitting water on fellow students is unhygienic and will not be tolerated!
  • Do not forget; we are watching you at all times, you little monsters...
  • Alright, you little monsters, who put the stink bomb in the office?! That is not funny!
  • Students are reminded that fighting in view of teachers and prefects is strictly prohibited!
  • Would whoever was making out in the English classroom please report to the office? You need to be taught a lesson.
  • Girls are reminded not to talk to any boys unless strictly necessary.
  • Will whoever put laxatives in the office teapot report to the office immediately?
  • Your attention please. Boys caught in the Girls' Dorm will be severely punished. There will be no hanky-panky at this school.
  • The student body is reminded that food is for eating! Not throwing.
  • Students are reminded that ridiculous haircuts reflect badly. Not only on themselves, but on the academy as a whole.
  • Would the students please deport themselves as little ladies and gentlemen and not monsters? Thank you.
  • Students are reminded that as minors they have no actual political rights.
  • Your attention please. Students are not allowed to refer to teachers or fellow students as enemy combatives. Nor to inter them!
  • Your attention. Anyone found attempting to turn Bullworth Academy into a student-run school, upon anarchos and diculous lies is liable to face immediate expulsion.
  • Students are reminded that if they have any complaints against the staff they can always drop out or transfer to another school.
  • Students. You may not enter the washroom facilities of the opposite gender!
  • Your attention. Please be particularly quiet as Dr. Crabblesnitch is taking a much needed nap. Thank you.
  • Would a student please come to the office and explain exactly what a swirlie is?
  • Your attention please. Contrary to rumor, the five students who were sent to the nurse's office had not just eaten in the cafeteria.
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to extend his gratitude to Derby Harrington's father for his contribution to the academy in doubt(?)!
  • Johnny Vincent and Lola, please report to the office immediately! We know what you've been up to!
  • Johnny Vincent, come to the office, now!
  • Johnny Vincent, you're in a world of trouble! Report to the office for your punishment!
  • Ugh, Russell Northrop. Please come to the office, at the top of the stairs, next to the trophy case.
  • Johnny Vincent, your despicable behavior towards Derby Harrington has been noted! Please report to Dr. Crabblesnitch!
  • Beatrice, your scholarship applications have arrived, please pick them up at the main office. She's such an annoying cheater(?)! O-Oh, is that thing still on?
  • Will whoever left the doll and needles in the main office please come pick it up? Also, the doll does not look like Dr. Crabblesnitch at all.
  • Please do not make your fellow students pee their pants. It's disgusting and someone has to clean it up.
  • Students are reminded not to play Grottos & Gremlins during class time. That means you, Melvin.
  • Your attention please. Ugh, nevermind, you little monsters.
  • Students are reminded to absolutely ignore members of the opposite sex! Bullworth Academy is not a boarding house!
  • Your attention please! A fuse(?) to the Geneva convention do not constitute a valid complaint against school regulations!
  • Your attention please. You are reminded that going to the library does not automatically make you a nerd.
  • Attention! Attention! For your information, no Constitutional amendment allowed students to carry any sort of weapon, at Bullworth.
  • Your attention please! Students are reminded that if it does not leave a bruise, it does not count as violence.
  • Attention, please! Nurse McRae would like it to be known that emotional wounds are not an acceptable reason to go to the infirmary.
  • Your attention please. Hitting other students with educational implements, such as rulers, is strictly forbidden.
  • Your attention! Setting fireworks on school grounds is strictly prohibited and probably constitutes terrorism!
  • Students are reminded the Constitutional guarantees of liberty and free speech do not apply to students.
  • Mr. Burton would like it to be known that Cornelius Johnson's score on the physical aptitude test is the lowest ever in the entire history of the academy.
  • Would Dr. Watts please come to the office? There is a message from his mother.
  • Students are reminded that giving other students wedgies is against the rules. No matter how funny it may seem.
  • Your attention! If you have any eggs, please turn them over to Edna in the cafeteria. Do not throw them at anyone!
  • Your attention. Spreading rumors about staff, especially anything relating to Dr. Crabblesnitch's private life, will not be tolerated.
  • Students are encouraged to report all suspicious or prohibited activities to the nearest teacher or prefect!
  • Johnny Vincent! You know what you've done, come to the office right away!
  • Students and staff are reminded that alcohol is strictly prohibited on school premises.
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to remind the staff that they serve as examples for the student body, and should refrain from showing up drunk at work.
  • Will whoever removed the crate of meat from the cafeteria please return it to Edna? Apparently it was not garbage.
  • Your attention please! Studies show that breaking curfew is an early show of criminality. Do not break curfew.
  • Students are reminded that they are to wear the school uniform of the appropriate gender while on school premises.
  • Students are reminded that good students report all wrong behavior to the prefects, and that doing so is not the same as snitching.
  • You are reminded that freedom of the press does not exist to our students. Also, drawing mean-spirited caricatures of Dr. Crabblesnitch will not be tolerated.
  • Your attention please. You are reminded that if you get beat up or harassed it's probably your own fault.
  • Will whoever placed the dead rat in the cafeteria please report to the office?
  • Students are not allowed to pull other students by the ear or nose unless it is an approved initiation ceremony.

Chapter 1

  • Your attention please. Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to remind you all to give our new students a proper Bullworth welcome.
  • Your attention please. As a new school year starts, please try not to make the same stupid mistakes you did last year.
  • Students are reminded that skipping class is still not allowed.
  • Mr. Hattrick to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office to discuss... you-know-who.
  • You are reminded to vote in the upcoming student council election. Only one vote per student.
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to recognize Gary Smith for his contributions to making new students feel welcome at Bullworth.
  • Students are instructed not to interact with the old drunk out by the school bus, and to report any sightings of him to the office.
  • Contrary to rumor, the old drunk by the school bus is not a former teacher at Bullworth.
  • Mr. Burton would like to announce that selections for the wrestling team have been postponed due to lack of suitable talent.
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to remind Jimmy Hopkins to keep his nose clean!

Chapter 2

  • Your attention, as you are now allowed off the main campus and into town please remember that you are representing Bullworth Academy at all times, and behave appropriately!
  • Students are reminded that going to the carnival is not an acceptable reason to break curfew or skip class.
  • Students are reminded that using bicycles after they're old enough to drive a car is un-American.
  • Jimmy Hopkins, you better not be associating with the old drunk out by the school bus!
  • It has been reported that Harrington House is off limits to students who are not the children of alumni! This is correct.
  • Staff are reminded that Aquaberry sweaters are considered to be school uniform as long as they have the appropriate crest.
  • Derby Harrington to the main office! Your father is on the phone from New York.
  • Your attention! There are rumors that a rumble will occur! This is false! Ignore this rumor!
  • Attention please! Students are reminded that racing bicycles is inappropriate for Bullworth students! Especially if you lose!
  • Students are reminded that frequenting the little vixen book and movie shop is ground for immediate expulsion! Do not let us catch you!

Chapter 3

  • Students are reminded to dress warmly as we do not have the budget to treat everyone for pneumonia!
  • Students are reminded not to write on walls! It is a filthy habit!
  • Your attention please! Throwing snowballs at anyone is strictly prohibited on school grounds!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch would like it to be known that there will be no closure of the school no matter how much snow we might get!
  • Students are reminded that if they go into the less respectable parts of town it is their own fault if they get beat up!
  • Jimmy Hopkins, please come to the office to collect your Christmas present.
  • There's a present for Jimmy Hopkins in the office. From his mother.
  • Jimmy Hopkins, your mother has sent you a Christmas present. Please come collect it in the office.

Chapter 4

  • Students are reminded that the Observatory was closed for safety reasons! Do not go there!
  • Mr. Burton and the football team would like to announce that they are sure of victory in the upcoming game.
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to wish the football team the best of luck in the upcoming game and remind them that all of Bullworth is watching.
  • Your attention please! Socially challenged students are reminded to stay out of the way of their betters at all times! For their own safety.
  • Your attention please! Punching the school mascot is frowned upon, he has feelings too, you know?

Chapter 5-6

  • Your attention please! If anyone sees Jimmy Hopkins outside of his quarters please report this to the main office!
  • Would Gary Smith please come to the main office?!
  • If anyone knows anything about the vandalization of City Hall please come see Dr. Crabblesnitch!
  • If anyone has any concerns with recent changes in school policy, please ask Gary Smith to explain them.
  • If anyone knows anything about the recent spate of destruction at Bullworth, do not hesitate to step forward.
  • See what happened to the gym? I told you that pulling the fire alarm all the time is a bad idea!
Regarding Mr. Galloway
  • Your attention please! Mr. Galloway has taken extended medical leave.
  • Everybody please welcome Mr. Galloway back after his surprisingly speedy recovery.

When Fire Alarm is Pulled

  • That was not funny!
  • For your information, while the fire department was wasting their time responding to this false alarm, a house burned down across town.
  • If anyone saw who pulled the fire alarm, please come to the office.
  • We know who pulled the fire alarm, please turn yourself in at the office to avoid making it any worse for yourself.
  • As a result of the fire alarm, any student who was writing a test will get a mark of zero on that test.
  • Whoever pulled that fire alarm, you're going to burn in Hell!
  • One day there'll be a real fire and the fire department won't come! Then you'll be sorry.
  • Please do not pull the fire alarm! You really should know better!
  • I'll have you know that we take false alarms seriously! The culprit will be found!
  • This foolishness will have to stop!

Calling Jimmy to the Office


  • Jimmy Hopkins, to the principal's office!
  • Jimmy Hopkins, please come to the office!
  • Jimmy Hopkins, to the office. Jimmy, Hopkins.
  • James Hopkins, please come to the office.
  • Mr. Hopkins, to the main office, please.
  • James Hopkins, you are required at the office.
  • Hopkins, to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office, please.
  • Hopkins, please come to the office.
  • Jimmy Hopkins, you are to proceed to the office, please.
  • Attention, please! Jimmy Hopkins to the main office.


  • Jimmy Hopkins, you are to go to the principal's office immediately!
  • Jimmy Hopkins, to the office, now!
  • Jimmy Hopkins! The office, now!
  • Hopkins! You better come to the office right now!
  • Mr. Hopkins to report to the main office immediately!
  • Hopkins, you're in trouble! To the office, now!
  • Jimmy Hopkins, you little monster! Come to the office right now!
  • Hopkins to the office, we're very disappointed in you!
  • Hopkins to the office to have his nose cleaned!
  • Jimmy Hopkins! Proceed to the office right away! Do not dawdle!

Wants Payback

  • He must be punished!


  • [Retching sounds]

Hit by Dead Rat

  • O-Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Get that thing away from me!

Low Respect

  • Don't try sucking up to me.
  • I've got my eye on you.
  • I know what you're about, Hopkins!

High Respect

  • What's your name again?
  • You're the Hopkins child, aren't you?
  • I hope you're not in trouble!

Seeing Something Cool

  • Ooh! Dr. Crabblesnitch would love this!
  • Oh, my! How nice!

Seeing Something Lame

  • What a sad spectacle.
  • I'm not sure what that's supposed to be.

Seeing Vandalism

  • Vandals!
  • Hooligans! I'll have you expelled!

Seeing Weapon Fired

  • Stop that, you terrorist!
  • Will you be careful?!
  • Reacting to Stink Bomb
  • (Coughing)
  • (Coughing) What is that--(more coughing)--smell?

STLTHC (Unknown)

  • How spooky!
  • Maybe it was just a rat... oh, no, rats!
  • Must just have imagined it...


  • Hopkins! Is that you there?
  • What are you doing there, Hopkins?
  • Why are you skulking around here, Hopkins?


  • I can swear I heard something...
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch, was that you?
  • Hello? Anybody there?


  • I'll catch you, you... miscreant!
  • Get back here, you rat!
  • Stop and let me see you!


  • He has to be around here, somewhere!
  • I know you're there!
  • Ah, guess I must've chased him off.

Seeing Tagging

  • Walls are not for writing on, young man!
  • Stop this vandalism immediately!

Being Tattled To

  • I'll inform Dr. Crabblesnitch.
  • You should be able to deal with this.
  • I'll make sure he is punished severely.
  • Oh, my! That is unheard of!


  • You're like a wild beast!
  • This will go on your permanent record!
  • You'll get yours! Just you wait!
  • I'll be informing Dr. Crabblesnitch!
  • You wretched child!
  • I have half a mind to punish you!


  • You should not bother those Harrington kids, Hopkins.
  • You'll be sent home soon enough, Hopkins!

When Taunted

  • Don't make me take you to the office!
  • Keep that up and you're in deep trouble, young man!
  • I've had about enough out of you!
  • You will learn respect!

Not Intimidated

  • Run along now, child!
  • Don't have time for this.
  • Don't be silly!
  • Is that all, then?
  • That is no way to address an adult!
  • There'll be none of that, Hopkins.
  • Don't take that tone with me, young man!
  • Careful now, Hopkins!
  • You're a disgrace to your mother!
  • I shall not stand for this!

Insulting Clothing

  • What is that you're wearing, Hopkins?


  • That is the most unsightly hairstyle, young Hopkins.


  • Those pants are not proper attire!


  • We don't condone such footwear fashions here!


  • Take that thing off of your head immediately!

Dress Code

  • Where's your uniform, young Hopkins?


  • Dr. Crabblesnitch does not approve of tattoos.

Leading the Way

  • This way, Hopkins.
  • Don't dawdle, child! This way!

Wrong Way

  • Pay attention, Hopkins!
  • Don't run off like that, child!


  • What are you doing out so late?!
  • You should be in bed!
  • It's past curfew!
  • You're up to no good!
  • Why aren't you in bed?!

WARNCTC (Unknown)

  • Now you've done it!
  • This is unacceptable!
  • Don't make me come after you!
  • I'm taking you in!

Get to Class

  • Get to your class!
  • Don't dawdle, get to class!
  • You should get ready for class!
  • It's about time to go to class.
  • Run along now, get to class!

WARNMI (Unknown)

  • That's not allowed!
  • Dr. Crabblesnitch will not approve!
  • Do stop that!
  • What are you thinking?!
  • That's not proper behavior!


  • You should not be here!
  • You're not allowed here!
  • What are you doing here?!
  • Why are you here?
  • Children are not allowed here!


  • Shouldn't you be in class?
  • Truancy will be severely punished!
  • I'm sure you should be in class!
  • You better not be skipping school!
  • You shouldn't be gallivanting around like this! You should be in class!


  • No one appreciates what I go through!

What Is That

  • Whatever could that be?

Mission Dialogue

Chapter 1

  • Come on, child. Don't keep the good doctor waiting!
  • Most of your classes are going to be in this building, art and photography is on the top floor.
  • Your chemistry and biology classes are on this floor.
  • You're in Mr. Galloway's English class, I believe, that's on this floor.
  • There are morning and afternoon classes, you are expected to attend both classes at both times, but you may pick whatever class appeals to you.
  • It's another one of Dr. Crabblesnitch's innovations. He is highly respected in educational circles.
  • If you're not in class at the appropriate time, you can get in a lot of trouble.
  • I'll take you past the fountain to the gym, Harrington House, and... ugh, the Auto Shop.
  • But first, I have to get some books from the library for Dr. Crabblesnitch. You know, he's a brilliant man.
  • Exactly! Now, come along.
  • Another thing; new students aren't allowed off campus during the fall. We want everyone to get to know each other well, before you go gallivanting off to town.
  • Oh yes, it's great. It keeps you all in line. Bedtime is at 11pm. We're very strict about that.
  • Here we are. You wait here until I get back.
  • Did you hear me Hopkins? Wait for me here! Don't get in any trouble.
  • Good!
  • Hopkins! What are you doing?!
  • You're going straight back to the office!
  • Meet me at the library. If you don't know where it is, ask that girl for directions.

Chapter 2

  • Well, yes. At least until your trust fund runs out!
  • Sorry, what did you say? I was thinking about how to re-frame Dr. Crabblesnitch's diplomas. He has so many, you know.
  • That makes sense. You are.
  • Hmm, what? I didn't see anything.

Chapter 3

  • Oh, there you are, Jimmy!
  • I'll make this quick. Your mom has sent you a Christmas present.
  • I know. You are very lucky your mom is so nice. You may go now.

Chapter 4

  • Please take a seat. I'll be with you in a minute.
  • Jimmy, what are you doing with the principal's paddle? You're not man enough to handle it.
  • Yes, sir.
  • I believe that's Damon, sir.
  • Yes, sir! Right away, sir!
  • He's so charismatic when he's angry!

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