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Music is a class available at Bullworth Academy in Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Music class Peters Jimmy

Jimmy Hopkins in Music class.

Class Summary

Music is taught by Miss Peters and consists of the player pressing buttons or moving the Wii remote in accordance to the buttons/motions that appear on the screen as they pass through boxes.

The class itself consists of students playing songs on instruments, in Jimmy Hopkins' case, percussion instruments. Jimmy Hopkins shares the class period with Constantinos Brakus and Eunice Pound.

Curiously, the sign beside the music classroom door reads 'Home Economics'.


Class Instrument Song Reward
Music 1 Cowbell Turkey in the Straw Pink Keyboard Shirt
Music 2 Maracas Masterpiece Fanfare Bullworth Band Camp Shirt
Music 3 Timpani She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain Music Note Pajamas
Music 4 Snare Drum Liberty Bell March (Monty Python Theme) Marching Band Uniform
Music 5 Xylophone The Washington Post March 80's Rocker Outfit

Cowbell Room Trophy