"My life is hell, it's mainly because of my corrupt dad, and my bitchy gymnastics coach."
— Jordan Balesterri, the protagonist of the story.
My life as a slave to my dad


Westside JDM


Diary, Tragedy


Jordan Balesterri
Audrey San Lorenzo
Alan Balesterri
Catherine Balesterri



My life as a slave to my dad is a fanfictional story made by Westside JDM. The fanfiction takes place at the same time Machaley's story and Audrey's story two other fanfictions written by Westside JDM


The Slave

Name: Jordan Balesterri

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Jordan Balestreri- Bullworth School Attire

Jordan is an emotionless girl who talks about her troublesome life with her father. She has been living in Bullworth her entire life. She also talks about her turbulent relationship with her gymnastics coach and with her sister Catherine. She also talks about other troublesome aspects of life.

The best friend

Name: Audrey San Lorenzo

Age: 17

Grade: Senior

Audrey is Jordan's best friend, besides Cameron. She has known Audrey since 2002, and they have been best friends ever since.

The Dad

Name: Alan Balesterri

Age: 45

Grade: None

Alan is Jordan's corrupt dad who does many questionable things to Jordan, such as making her sleep on the streets. He also hits his wife, and has threatened to shoot various people around the town, Including her own daughter.

The Coach

Name: Clarissa

Age: 28

Grade: None

Clarissa is Jordan's gymnastics coach. She is said to be cruel and unsympathetic towards Jordan.

The Sister

Name: Catherine Balesterri

Age: 22
Katherine Balesterri

Grade: College Senior

Catherine is Jordan's college-going sister. She is mentioned in a couple of chapters. She does come home to visit her family at some point in the story.


Chpter 1 My life as a slave to my dad[1]
Chapter 2 Showing you the true hell I've lived through since I was born[2]
Chapter 3 A brief description of me[3]
Chapter 4 Those Stalkers[4]
Chapter 5 My relationship with Lucky[5]
Chapter 6 Being a gymnast isn't as easy as you football players think it is[6]
Chapter 7 Guns, everywhere you look in my house[7]
Chapter 8 What it's like living in a neighborhood where everyone is scared of you[8]
Chapter 9 Sleeping on the streets[9]
Chapter 10 Dad's poor judgement skills[10]
Chapter 11 Being my parent's least favorite child[11]
Chapter 12 Welcome to the worst cheer squad in the USA[12]
Chapter 13 Gymnastics injury last night[13]
Chapter 14 Halloween at last[14]
Chapter 15 Catherine's coming home for the winter[15]
Chapter 16 Catherine's arrival[16]
Chapter 17 Horrible Suprise at cheer practice[17]
Chapter 18 Christmas is here[18]
Chapter 19 Valentine's Day Surprise[19]
Chapter 20 Dad freaks out at the neighbors[20]
Chapter 21 Sudden Social Media Popularity[21]
Chapter 22 Dad's going to get what's coming to him[22]
Chapter 23 All's well that ends well[23]

Similar media

My life as a teenage robot

The story is similar to this classic Nickelodeon cartoon in many ways.

  • Both the protagonists are insecure teenagers
  • Both protagonists have overzealous and demanding parents

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Jordan's story can relate to this Teen Nick educational comedy in a couple of ways

  • Protagonists are trying to survive middle school, while Jordan tries to survive her Junior year
  • Both have depressing moments

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