Saying Goodbye

  • Gotta listen to some music now, man, see ya.
  • Gotta run back to the store.
  • I gotta get goin'. Later.

Calling for Help

  • Need some help here!
  • How 'bout some backup?!


  • Dude! I'm gonna get you!
  • Slow down! I'm gonna get you!

Escaped From

  • Dude! Don't go there!
  • Where you goin', man?!

Out of Breath

  • I gotta stop smokin'!


  • Dude! I just can't take it!
  • I get worked up, man, I'm mad!


  • Wow! Slow down, dude!


  • Good job, dude!
  • Way cool!


  • Oh! That's sick!

Don't Hit

  • Dude! I'm on your side!
  • Wow! What's up, partner?!


  • Here you go!
  • Eat fist!
  • Ha! How do you like that?!
  • You want more?!

Initiated Fight

  • Now I'm gettin' mad!
  • Alright! I guess I should fight!
  • C'mere! I can be mean!
  • You're making me angry!

Beaten/Knocked Out

  • Oh, man!
  • This is... harsh!
  • What happened to me?!
  • Woah...
  • I'm in... pain, man.
  • I don't feel too good...

Hit in the Nuts

  • Oh!

Spit On

  • Ugh... Not cool, dude!

Watching a Fight

  • Get up! Get up!
  • Fight for real!
  • Let's see some blood!

Surprised to Notice Fight

  • What the?!
  • What in the world was that?!

Giving a Gift

  • Here you go!

Reacting to being Offered Help

  • Alright dude, here's the deal.
  • This is what I need, dude.

Asking for Help

  • Dude! I could use your help.
  • I need your help, man.

Being Indignant

  • Hey!
  • That wasn't cool!
  • What was that for?!


  • Hahahaha! You loser!
  • You're lame, man!
  • What's wrong with you?!


Short Laugh

  • Hahahaha, what a chump!

Long Laugh

  • Hahahaha, yo, that's hilarious, man!

Wants Payback

  • I'd be real happy hurting him!


  • Wow... I'm... (vomiting noises)

Hit by Dead Rat

  • Wow! What was that?!

Coming to Aid in Fight

  • Dude! I'm coming to help!
  • Hang in there!

Seeing Something Cool

  • That is just smoking, man!
  • Way cool! Yeah!

Seeing Something Lame

  • Dude! What's the big deal?
  • I don't get it!

Seeing Vandalism

  • Dude! No!
  • What's going on, man?!

Seeing Weapon Fired

  • How cool is that?!
  • Look at that, wow!

Hit with Stink Bomb

  • Can't take the smell, dude!
  • A big elephant farted here, man!

When Someone Purchases Something

  • Thanks, dude!
  • Hey! Thanks!
  • Thanks, man!
  • Come back, alright?
  • Thanks a lot!
  • Thanks for the business, man!
  • Dude! Thanks!
  • Good man, dude!
  • Thanks a lot, man!
  • Thanks! And keep chilling!

When Someone Vandalizes the Store(?)

  • Hey! What's going on?!
  • What are you doing, dude?!
  • What is wrong with you, man?!
  • Stop that! Now!
  • Don't make me shoot fireworks at you!

When Someone Does Not Purchase Something

  • Thanks, anyway.
  • Take it easy, now.
  • Come back later.
  • See you later.
  • Thanks for stopping by.
  • When Someone Fights in Store(?)
  • Hey! Dude! That's not cool.
  • Alright! That's enough, man!
  • What are you doing?!
  • What are you, a clown?!
  • Come on! Don't make a scene!
  • Stop it, dude!

Greeting Upon Entrance to Store

  • How you doin'?
  • Hey, dude!
  • What's up?
  • How's it going, man?
  • What's going on?
  • Hey there!
  • What can I do for you?
  • Hey. I'm Nate. I own this store!

Leading the Way

  • This way, dude.
  • Follow me.

When Jimmy goes Wrong Way

  • Wow! Wrong way, dude!
  • Not that way, man!


  • Nicely done, dude!

For Gift

  • Thanks!
  • Whining
  • Dude! This is real harsh!
  • What Is That
  • I don't know what that is!

Mission Dialogue

Chapter 2

  • I saw that! Police, police!
  • Police! Vandal!
  • Who did that?!
  • What's goin' on?!
  • My window?! What the?
  • Oh no, I just bought those!

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